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Friday, May 29, 2015

Feline Friday

Z - How long do you think we should pretend not to like each other?

S - I *don't* like you.

Z - Yes, you do.

S - Nuh't uh.

Z - Do to!

S - Momma, he's looking at me.

Z - Am not. You're looking at me!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesdays in my Garden

I finally finished this garden bed!! Woohoo!! She's weeded, planted, mulched and watererd!!

I started it years ago but always got frustrated with one thing or another, fighting the weeds but never winning the battle and just giving up.  I don't know, something just clicked this year and I pushed myself over two weekends to just gitter-done! My (good) hip is none-to-happy but it's done and I'm thrilled.

I only added 2 new plants and moved the scattered bee balm to the back - the rest are quite established, they all just need some time to fill in as summer progresses. My original plan was to have a tall, flowy, English Garden style garden but the plants I'm drawn to don't fit the bill so now it's just lotsa things I like :-)

From left to right: white azalea (struggling after two harsh winters), stella d'oro (new), hardy geranium, balloon flower (I think), another new flower I don't remember the name of, delphinium, ginger, allium, day lilies, phlox and bleeding heart.

If I keep up my weekly garden shots, you'll notice I have a thing for rock/borders. I collect rocks everywhere - dig them from my yard or the pile I inherited with the house, lotsa local farmer field piles, camping in the ADK or even one day at a field fire I found I nice big flat rock. I never did get up the gumption to ask the other farmer for his huge benchlike rock after a barn fire. He would have had to get it to my house since it was so big but it sure was a beauty. I have borders made of flat rocks and borders made with round rocks and then the bigger rocks just get to take up space in the garden - big round rocks for the cat to sit on or big flat rocks for me to stand on while I get to the back. It's also less space to weed, haha.

I think I might need to visit some farmer rock piles to replenish this weekend!

Happy Hump Day!

Friday, May 22, 2015

Feline Friday - 5/22/15 - TGIF

T. G. I. F!!!!

Bring it on, people, bring on the weekend!!!
I'm ready, right here in my ADK chair...