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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Wednesday Weather Report #87 - 1/16/19

We're friends, right?! So I can be honest?

Righto then ... I haven't done a THING on my temperature quilt since last Tuesday beyond recording the daily temps at 1pm.

Instead I've been working on Mr Serious in anticipation of tomorrow's HeLP post:

The 3 cream hexies are the shading for the chin.
They are not quite as subtle in person.

What's that, you say? Oh yes, I know the color map is upside down but that's how I work on each strip so it's easier to just have the map upside down. In essence I am starting with what's closest to me and then stitching away from myself.

I'm working in strips by creating a 7 hexie rosette and then creating 6 hexie partial rosettes that fits onto the first rosette. This allows me to create a strip which is quite portable and easier to work with instead of the whole mothership.

I only need one more strip to complete the section that fits into and squares off the mothership. I doubt it will be ready for tomorrow but I'll do my best. No matter how far I get before I post tomorrow, I should be able to get a current count of completed hexies and rejigger the math to get back on a solid production schedule since I now have an install date of 9/6/19 for our exhibit at the Arts Council for Wyoming County.

Back to the weather...
It was a beautiful week with a touch of snow, a lot of sun and all in the purple and violet range!

29 - 21 - 17 - 23 - 19 - 25 - 27 F

I should have no problem catching up this weekend as a big storm is expected so I don't plan on going anywhere. Sunday should be in the single digits so it's time to pull out the next weather color :)

How are your temperature quilts coming? Any one new joining in? We would love to see your projects!!

Friday, January 11, 2019

Feline Friday - 1/11/19

Momma took a half day this morning! Which is kinda funny cuz she might have to work OT again tonight to get her work done. Momma's are funny like that.

Any way, I did my best to keep her lap warm cuz it was only a pink day so far.

Well, really, it was a white day if we were using the windchill.

Luckily, now that she's off to work it's a violet day and I have Casa Grande to myself!

I'm happy to help while she works on my purrtrait :)

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Another Serious Update

Yesterday was the four month mark for Mr Serious!

Am I on schedule? Nope, probably not even close.

Am I still trucking on? Oh hell yeah! And If things go as planned, I should be adding the first eye tonight!!!

It got to a point where the red/Mothership was just too large and cumbersome to be adding hexagons one at a time so when I moved to the black/face I started making hexies in strips. I started each strip with a rosette and then added partial rosettes until I got the length I wanted before adding it to the new black face section.

I'm not sure the two whites I'm using for the body have the contrast I need to delineate the chin so I'm trying to finish the black and then I'll go back to decide on one of the whites or a yellowy cream.

The plan is to finish this black/white section until it fits into the red/mothership and then stitch them together. That will mean that each column is the same length and I can get a good count of where I stand.

I'm not sure what I'll work on next - the brown table into the white body at the bottom left or continue with the face at the top right while also adding the yellow. I'm thinking I *should* do the brown/body to fill out and match the width of the red/mothership but I really want to dig in to that yellow! This is what we call impatience so I won't decide until this face section is done... Lord help me ...