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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Blogger Comment Fix!!!

Did you hear the news?
There is finally a fix for the Blogger comment notification fiasco!!!!

  1. Open your Blogger Dashboard
  2. Click settings in the left hand menu.
  3. Then click email.
  4. Delete the email listed and be sure to save settings.
  5. Now add the email you want notifications sent to and re-save settings.
  6. You will receive an email at that address that you need to confirm you want to receive notifications.

If this doesn't work for you, save an alternate address in the box then change it to what you want and re-save it.

Lemme know if you need help with this.
Looking forward to getting all your comments in my inbox again!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #57 - 6/20/18

I know - I'm really late posting this today - it's been a heck of a week so far. Work has been crazy and the weather has also been crazy. It was pretty hot over the weekend thru Monday but then it cooled off quite a bit after 1" of rain Monday evening, finally rewarding us with the most gorgeous sunset last night. I got to see it after quilt guild but many people all over Western NY were commenting on it at work and on the radio.

Just remember...these photo colors are gorgeous but not even half what we saw in person. Someone joked that they should take a picture of all of us taking pictures with our smartphones...it is a sign of our technological times.

74 - 71 - 72 - 79- 85 - 87 - 69 F

The first 19 days of June

Wish I knew how to get more separation in the yellow and green colors on the blog. I see a decent difference in person and try to dramatize it in the photos but it just seems to disappear when I add the photo to the blog. I'll take suggestions...

And now it's your turn - link up to share your weather project or just comment on your weather. I would love to know how far and wide the sunset was last night...

Sunday, June 17, 2018

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 6/17/18

Hello! Hello! And welcome to the latest edition of Hexie Linky Party for Hexie-aholics!!

Have you been stitching anything new and exciting recently? You may recall that I finished my Lion several weeks ago. My original plan has been to make a single quilt with all the animals in it together but then I changed my mind. Women's prerogative, right??!!

This was the first quilt that I free motion quilted ... on a machine that didn't lower the feed dogs. It's not my best work but it's my first and it's been hanging in the same place in my quilt lab for the last 10 years. Time for a change...

Aslan the Lion

That is sew much better!!!

And with that it was time to start on the peacock! The papers were separated, matched with the fabrics and placed in baggies.

Percy the Peacock

I worked on it gangbusters for a while but I also promised Lisa I wouldn't finish before her and she has 2 cross stitch pieces to finish for her grandkids first so I've set it aside for now.

I've been working on Zag & Zig but it's really in my best interest to get working on the quilt for our next hexie club quilt exhibit at the Arts Council...I have 442 days left to design, stitch, quilt and bind it. For next years exhibit we are all going to make the same size wall hanging but the fabrics, colors, shapes, etc are up to the quilter. I want to take a picture of Zorro and convert it into a quilt using EQ7. First things first, I need to pick a photo so before I commit to Z, I better make sure I have a decent photo...

And now it's your turn to share! What projects have you been working on or dreaming up? Any UFO, PIG or WIP counts as does any paper shape. Looking forward to your links, especially since this whole comment thing is still a disaster.