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Monday, January 16, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 1/16/17

I spent Friday evening making the last 2 blocks as well as 4 more purple 4patches so that I could finish making the sashing for this year's mystery quilt.

Saturday morning I laid out the blocks and started adding sashing. Can you see my QCO?

Maybe this helps?

Bleu has started hiding out at the top of the cat tower. This was ZET (Zorro Exclusive Territory) until last week but more and more Bleu copies anything and everything that Z does. I keep telling Z it's a form of flattery...I'm not sure that Z believes me.

It appeared that Bleu was plotting to attack my quilt when I left it out on the floor to run a few errands. I was impressed that it was all still in position when I returned an hour later.

Bleu was a very good boy and walked around the quilt instead of over it the entire weekend.

I spent the rest of the Saturday adding sashing and the first border until it was in 9 large pieces. Woo Hoo!!

I won't tell you that I had to make 2 more pink and 3 more purple tri-recs to get this far. Apparently I can't count very well.

I've started making the neutral 4patches for the outer border but I probably won't get much done before next weekend, too many meetings this week.

The quilt looked the same overnight and for most of Sunday.

Eventually it just became too much for him to walk around so he created some space in the middle. He still never steps on the quilt blocks, just over the corners. Such a well trained little Momma's boy.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Feline Friday - 1/13/17

Happy Furday the Thirteenth!!!

Momma was working on her hexies AGAIN last night. She's feeling a little pressure to have "something" to show for a very special HeLP for Hexie-aholics next Tuesday so I thought I should lend some support to the cause.

This was the best I could do.

What do you think?

How did I do?

Monday, January 09, 2017

Mystery Monday and Design Floor Monday

Hello! By Saturday afternoon I had made as many blocks and sashing pieces as I could with the mystery bits that I had completed for clues 1-7. It was time to lay out what I could...

I've already attached sashing to one side of each block.

Love it! Purple/Yellow/Green are my fav colors (in that order!) so this is just the quilt for me. I also like that all the bits are 3.5" - the blocks come together very quickly.

Of course, Bleu thought maybe the blocks weren't laid out quite right.

How's this Momma? Better?

After Bleu helped with the layout I did some math (eek!) to figure out how many more bits of each clue I was going to need to make a 3 by 3 quilt. If my math skills are any good, I think that will net me a 70" square quilt which is plenty big for a couch quilt.

Hey Ma! I'll be here with you while you work on the pink blocks.
We CAN do it together!

On Sunday, I got to work on making the rest of the bits and decided to work on the magenta tr-recs first since it had been the first clue. That and pink is my least fav color so let's just get it out of the way.

OMG - are we done already? I can't take the pink any longer...

You do coordinate your snips to your fabric, right?

I think I needed 28 more purple 4patches. I had just pulled out strips willy nilly and sewn them together with no idea how many twosies or foursies I would get. Well I got 28 4patches and an extra 1/2" of fabric. I couldn't have planned that if I tried.

All that's left to finish is 15 yellow QST. They are half cut out so a few minutes of stitching and I'll have all the bits I need to finish the center. I don't have enough fingers and toes to figure out how many neutral 4patches I'll need but I'll get to that soon enough.

My plan is to lay the blocks out on the floor again (while entertaining Bleu elsewhere. Maybe with Wobbert?) and then lay out all the border pieces to attach to the nearest block. I think  I can sew it together into 3 rows and then sew them together into a finished quilt top. It sounds so much more fun that finishing the center and adding long borders later. I know I'm not the only person to get bogged down with borders...

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