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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

T is for Tyler Update

Sew...remember how I was supposed to vend at a bazaar at Fisher Price last Thursday but because of "Snowvember" it got moved to yesterday? Well they moved it again. Ackckckck.

I had switched days off from last Thursday to Monday but I decided to still take Monday off and I had a blast working on Tyler's quilt. I haven't worked on something *I* wanted to do in such a long time that it felt a little weird but it was fun to watch the top come together.

Apparently I had made more blocks than I originally designed in EQ7 so I worked to find a way to use them all. Hah! I settled on a layout that has me making 4 more blocks. No big deal - I'll finish it tomorrow, you know, my next vacation day. Other than today, I don't have to be back to work until Monday!!!

Saturday is Small Business Saturday here in Wyoming County and my LQS is having a 20% off sale - I intend to buy batting so I can sandwich this and the other quilt I hope to finish this week. I might actually get both done for Christmas. Woohoo!

Friday, November 21, 2014

Feline Friday - 11/21/14- gorilla test

Momma says I have to tell you this post is not for the faint of heart! Harumphph.

On Wednesday Momma was making hexies on the couch and thought I was being too quiet in the quilt studio so she came to investigate. This is what she stepped on. Oh the horrors. Poor little catnip toy. How did that happen?

You see, on Tuesday Momma was finishing catnip toys for her bazaars this weekend. She gave me and my sissies some plain catnip on the ugly pink carpet to entertain us long enough for her to get them sewn. Momma is funny, huh?! When she finished, I was sleeping on the inventory box so Momma stashed them in a basket on the top of the really high curio cabinet from Uncle Tommy. Momma keeps her hexie UFOs in the cabinet.

Back to Wednesday, Momma scolded me but knew it was too late for the poor catnip toy. She put the rest of the toys in the inventory box. This is what the toys originally looked like and maybe you can see what I  did to the bag last year.  Momma makes good toys!

Momma went back to her hexies but then I was being quiet again.

See Momma - THIS is how I got the single toy out of the basket to test...just don't forget I left you the other nine toys! I'm such a good boy!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

POTC update

Sorry - the colors are pretty washed out, but this is where I am on the latest POTC block. The next round will also use the same neutral fabric which contrasts nicely with the lighter neutral sashing fabric.

The center of this block is pretty dark or "dense" compared to my other POTC block so I'll need to remember to make more in a similar style to balance out the quilt.

Yesterday's snow storm turned out to be a big fat nothing for me here at work or home (less than an inch) but poor Buffalo has now reportedly gotten 94 inches in some of the 'burbs!!! They are due to get another 24 inches by the end of the week and then it will be up in the mid-50sF on Monday so it will all melt. I am not sure which will be worse for them - buried under 9 feet of snow or washed away by 9 feet of melted snow...

I guess the biggest impact of the storm for me is that the bazaar at Fisher Price that was scheduled for tomorrow has been moved to Monday and I'm not sure that I can get Monday off instead. If I can't get Monday off, I'll still take tomorrow since I have to use up my vacation time so I'll work on Xmas pressies and make a squash gellette recipe I found the other day.