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Friday, April 29, 2016

Feline Friday - 4/29/16

Hey Momma! Mind if I sit with you for a while?

You can keep doing your hexies - I don't mind...

I'll even roll over so you can stroke my luscious belly furs.

Sissy doesn't even seem to mind that I am on the couch with all y'all girls.

Shhhh, Momma - Don't tell her I really like her!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Up to my old tricks...

I finished putting these four card trick blocks together at guild last night!!

The needle busted through my callous mid-way through the meeting and almost said a naughty word but I was able to hold my tongue. Now if only I could find my itsy bitsy teeny weeny sheet of stick on thimble pads. Couldn't they make the sheet a little bit bigger than 1x2"? If I can't find it by this weekend (I've been kind of looking for it for 2+ months) I just might have to hit up one of the not-so-LQSs to buy another sheet. Maybe I'll attach it to a large sheet of paper!

Can you see that the purple parts form an X and
the teal parts form an O?

My original plan had been to have a purple O and a teal X but when I put it on the design wall it just felt more balanced this way. I should have taken photos of the 2 options but I didn't think of it until now...

Several people at guild were interested in the back side. 

Next up? I need to decide on borders...my arch nemesis...

Monday, April 25, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 4/25/16

2 pieced hexies and 2 chrysanthemum rosettes (hexie club birthday shape for 2015)
completed at my conferences last week. I've finished some other rosettes but they got
filed away before being photographed. Oopsie!

My work conference is held in Saratoga Springs every other year. On those years
I stop at a quilt store south of Syracuse on the way home. This year my goal was
blue/yellow/orange (across the top) for my pieced hexie project and hexie fabrics
along the bottom for my iSpy . This brings me up  to 96 different hexie fabrics!!
Thing is, I think I need 4 more to finish the design I am working on. Oh and the
green batik (top left) is sashing for the iSpy. Unless I change my mind, of course...

This weekend was a statewide volunteer fireman recruiting event.
The weather was gorgeous but the event wasn't very successful.
We did get 1 application which is better than none...

Yesterday was spent making the rest of the iSpy blocks and sewing them into twosies.
I'll have to finish pressing them tonight. Can we say boring??!!