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Friday, November 08, 2019

Feline Friday - 11/8/19

No feline in their right mind would take a selfie of themselves with the first snow of the season and send it to their furreinds.

Therefore I needed to steal the selfie Momma took yesterday to send to her friends. I will tell you that it was a very purrrty day yesterday but today is the first dark purple day of the season and it was too cold (26F) to stay out so I'm inside where it's warm, sleeping on Momma's stuff.

Clearly Momma hasn't used her Bernina in a while despite the project piles with newly cut fabrics.

She threatened to move the piles so I couldn't play Where's Waldo? any more but it hasn't happened just yet...altho she needs to make some bizarre items this weekend...

Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Wednesday Weather Report #129 - 11/6/19

I think our weather is becoming more and more what I expect for late fall/November. Today is full sun but with a definite chill in the air. We've been told to expect snow several times this week and I saw beautiful big flakes for about 5 minutes on Sunday. We shall see if the rest of the predictions come true...

October 30-31, 2019 :: 53 - 60 F
November 1-5, 2019 :: 37 - 44 - 41 - 49 - 40 F

Recently I've been trying to catch up on my Underground Railroad BOM from hexie club. We handed out the 12th and final pattern back in September but I've just completed block 5 and my sixth is about 3/4 done. Not bad for not working on it at all while I completed Mr Serious.

Our plan is to show the quilts at our next Art Council exhibit in 2021. It will be fun to see the same quilt in so many different fabrics and layouts. I am actually thinking of a triple sashing to make the quilt a bit bigger and to use a touch more of my batik fabrics. I made my quilt in batiks to use up some of my overflowing stash but that was quickly followed by purchasing some more neutral batiks and the orange shown below. I don't think the box is anymore empty than a year ago!! Hopefully I can rectify that "problem" with fancy sashings and borders.

Tuesday, November 05, 2019

The Bibliophile Files - 11/5/19

There are 2 things I'm going to tell you right off about this month's book report because they are not obvious to anyone who's not sitting here next to me. I thank my vacation (hmm...didn't post any pics yet) for getting me through 4 or 5 books making the list twice as long as it could have been. I'm also nearing the end of a personal challenge for the year and that means it's been slim pickings to meet the requirements. I can't believe some of the books I've read but desperate times call for desperate measures. Why do we do these things to ourselves? Motivation and so we can conquer it!!!! Woot! Woot!

Challenge #1 for the year was to spell out the months and read books where one of the title words began with the same letter. Ex: J in January was Johnny get your Gun. Of 74 books, I need to finish just 3 more. Woot!! Two are relatively short or close to finishing but I think there will be another substitution on my "U" book as the one I have been avoiding is long and I would like to finish the challenge sooner rather than later. I'm open to suggestions! No worries, I found one already - and it's a new-to-me series as well.

Challenge #2 - this is the same challenge I do every year: read 90 or more books for the year. So far I have finished 73 books this year which only makes me 3 books behind schedule. Maybe once I can chose a book cuz it sounds good or is available today instead of needing an impossible letter I can make some headway.

     My Year of Rest & Relaxation - Please! Can I just slap the main character? Please?!
     The Job
     Ella Enchanted - Cinderella re-imagined
     The Art of English Murder
     The Mars Room - thumbs up
     The Last Romantics
     Us Against You - looking forward to reading the rest of the series
     Every 15 Minutes - loves me some good suspense
     The Witch Elm - it was suspenseful waiting for the suspense. LOL

     on my iPhone - Private Down Under (I admit to finding 3 different names for this book on 3 different websites but I'm going with the one I need. Wink)
     on my home stereo - Firefly Lane

And now it's your turn! What have you read lately? Anything counts: novel, magazine, quilt pattern or cereal box.