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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Wednesday Weather Reports #29 and #30

As all y'all will recall (say that 10x fast!!) ... I didn't have internet at work last week which put a terrible stop to my lunch time blogging.

Last week's weather report was pretty warm for December. But don't worry - we are making up for it today when I'll be welcoming a new color to the family! You'll see next week...

last week's report / #29
40 - 48 - 45 - 43 - 48 - 46 - 48F

34 - 31 - 32 - 35 - 28 - 26 - 23F
Now that was more like December...!!!

How is your weather so far this year? Normal? Warmer or Cooler?

Don't forget, HeLP is this Sunday!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Quilty weekend

Woohoo!! I've got internet back at work - it was 3 of the longest days possible without internet radio to fill the silence. Zorro even got a fan letter that he was missed on Feline Friday. He was pretty chuffed.

Anyway - I spent every spare moment this weekend cutting and stitching. I had a blast to work on something for ME, even tho the need to work on gifts kept nagging me.

I spent Friday evening cutting fabric - first I wanted to cut the neutral and coral strips needed to make Bonnie's Mystery Clue #3. Then I cut the strips needed to make Straits of Mackinac, another Bonnie pattern. I've been collecting turquoise fabrics for some time to make Mackinac and it worked out great that the mystery is also using turquoise. I'll be thinking of a different name for my quilt but I'm not inspired yet...

Saturday I took all my strips to guild sit-n-sew to subcut for Clue #3 and for Mackinac. I probably would have made a little more progress on cutting if I had double checked my drawing. I cut the neutrals for the tri part of the tri-recs. I wasted a lot of fabric recutting them into the recs part. Live & learn!

I was also texting with a friend who was saying something to the effect of hoping to not lose track while cutting up to a high number. I've shared this before but I'll share it again...

If I were actually counting - this would be 140 pieces.

I use antique thimbles to count what I've cut. a thimble on it's side is 5 and standing up is 10. A button is 100. It's easy for me and I get to enjoy the vintage/antique thimbles, most of which don't even fit my pinky finger.

I did a little grocery shopping after guild and then spent the evening on the couch working on hexies. I watched Spare Parts. I love true movies!

Sunday morning was housework and then a work related Christmas party but I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening back in the quilt lab.

First I had to finish pressing Clue #2.

Then I had to sew and press Clue #3. Don't forget to check out the linky party today!!!

Am I the only person with a callus from ironing? I've had the callus on my hand for a while and never thought about it but with all the ironing with my (heavy on purpose) iron it was irritating the callous. Who knew...

I've got quite a little pile of bits for the mystery quilt so far. I'm excited for clue #4 but I really need to work on some gifts this week.

In the meantime I'll keep plugging away at my Mackinac blocks...lots of pressing to do...

Wednesday, December 06, 2017

No internet = no blogging

The internet at my office isn’t working so I won’t be able to blog until I can figure out what the problem is.

My real struggle today is that I work (mostly) alone and listen to the radio online. It’s very, very, very quiet today ☹️