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Friday, July 21, 2017

Feline Friday - 7/21/17


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #9

Sorry - can't show you this week's rosette just yet. I promise I'll show it next week.
Just think more orange (70s) and rain. Boo.

Taken in front of the firehall.
To the right is the new Town Hall.
Across the street is the original Bank of Castile branch.
The above photo was taken a week ago but I could have just as easily taken it any day in the last few weeks... Mother Nature is not playing nice this year. Think flooding, hail, lightening hitting trees.

Above are the first 8 weeks of this project. You maybe recall from my first post on this project that I was only going to have 5 rosettes across the top row with blank corners. Are you be surprised to know that I changed that plan. I don't have enough to share with you yet on Design B but I think it's pretty awesome.

#1 priority is to finish the owl quilt for the county fair in August and then I'll get back to my idea for the temperature quilt.

Also, you may have noticed that I started on the left for row #1 but #2 is starting on the right. I think the colors will flow more when subsequent rosettes are near each other. Then again, I'm floating in a fog of too much to do and overthinking it...

Monday, July 17, 2017

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 7/17/17

Hello and welcome to our monthly Hexie Linky party!!!

For a change of pace, today I thought I would share the gifts I gave and received for our Hexie Club Brown Bag Challenge.

As you may recall, last December seven of us exchanged brown lunch bags with scraps of some of our favorite fabrics. They needed to be fav fabrics because the person who received your bag would be making a secret project to gift back to you at our Christmas in July party.

I received Linda's brown bag which included a number of blue and green fabrics plus a smaller white piece. I eventually came up with (ie, modified/stole from the evil website) an idea to use honeycomb shapes to make a blue/green panel for a vinyl mesh tote bag.

Of course, I had help from my Snoopervisor who has a very fluffy tail.

Eventually I completed the 2 honeycomb panels and then machine appliqued them to white fabric.

The panels were then added to the white mesh totebag. I modified a totebag pattern I've made many times to accommodate the size of the honeycombs which created some of it's own issues. "Next time" I make this pattern I'll put it together a little differently to make my life easier :)

Cheryl received my bag which had purples and B&W fabrics. What can I say? They were scraps on my cutting table and they spoke to me.

It was hard to get a great picture but basically she covered a stretched canvas with more of the purples and B&Ws surrounding the edge. I would love more of the cat fabric!

Now I just need to decide where to hang this little beauty!

And just to tease you with a little project I'm working on...

I'm very proud of my frugal use of these fabrics. It's so much more frugal than how I started the project. Could I, should I, be a little more vague on details to entice you? Bwahahahaha!! I'll show you in a few weeks when it actually looks like something.

Ok - now it's our favorite time to share projects. We are looking forward to seeing your project no matter if it's new or old or even just a project in the design stage. Any paper shape counts.