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Monday, October 20, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 10/20/14

Saturday I taught another Quilting 101 class. I had 4 students (oh it really bugs me when people sign up and then don't show up!!!), including a 90 year old retired minister. His work was spot on and I think the students in this class could be my most diligent ever. They were very interested in getting their work to be more accurate. I'm looking forward to seeing them in 2 weeks for the rest of the class.

That left Sunday for my "therapy session." LOL! I decided to rotate projects with every CD of my audiobook. I didn't follow that rule explicitly but I did make good progress on several projects.

I have 3 craft bazaars coming up so I'm trying to get myself into production mode. It's kinda slow going at the moment but that's because I tend to do a lot of the prep/cutting first and then when I get in to the sewing it's lickity split. I love picking fabrics but sometimes it just seems to take forever to make a decision.
Yup - time for a new cutting mat. I just need decide if I want a bigger mat which requires a trip to the city and a JoAnn's coupon or stick with the same size which is available locally but has no coupon,..

I also made more ruby blocks from my class with Bonnie Hunter. I now have 52 done. I only need ~150 more. LOL. I've been using these as leader enders as well as just making a chunk of them at a time so I'll get the blocks done soon enough.

Lastly, I worked on Tyler's Christmas quilt. It's called "T is for Tyler." Can you see the Ts in the design? The border and setting triangles are camo (his fav color at the moment) so maybe you can pick a few of those out there on the upper right. I know they are hard to see cuz they are camo. Haha. I kill me on this gray, chilly Monday.

I thought I would be able to finish all the blocks this weekend so I can start assembly next weekend at retreat but look at this next photo:

The light green had just a 1/4" extra and the dark green was 1/4" too short to cut the last piece. I wasn't able to get quite enough blocks from the fabric I had so I'll pick up some more this Friday and at least get the blocks done and get started on assembly at retreat. There is still a chance I can have it done by Christmas - I have 65 days!!! Woohoo!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

World Wide Feline Hexie HeLPin' Hoppin' Friday!

Hello!! My name is Squeaky and today is a VERY special day here at sarah did it! – not only is it the day I become famous for hijacking hosting the World Wide Blog Hop but it’s also Feline Friday and HeLP for Hexie-aholics!! Holy Schmoly I’m tired just thinking about all the activity!!

Just in case you’re new to this part of the blogosphere, let’s start with Feline Friday.

Every Friday, my sissy, brother or I host a little linky party, called Feline Friday, just for us kittehs. We have furrrriends who stop by often and some we haven’t seen in a while…it's always fun to see what they've been up to!

We also have HeLP for Hexie-aholics on the 17th of every month. Why the 17th you ask? Cuz it’s Momma’s birthday and hexies are her favoritist thing in the whole world. Some of her furriends even made her Head Troublemaker she likes hexies so much. Momma likes her furriends to share their projects, both new and old of any shape or construction method at this linky party.

And then there is the World Wide Blog Hop. Have you seen it? All those humans were posting about their creativeness when Sally from The Objects of Design wondered why there were no cats involved?! I mean we do rule the ‘net, don’t we?! She invited me to join and I immediately said yes. I did wait until a Friday to post tho…I am a Feline Friday Gal!! LOL!

 So let’s get to the hop questions…
1.       What am I working on?
Do you mean besides my tan and a good nap?  You’re funny!

2.       How does my work differ from others of it’s genre?
I think Sally said it best: “Squeaky seems to enjoy a scrappy colorful look yet has a somewhat hidden modern edge balancing a lot of white with lots of colors. Very trendy! “

3.       Why do I create what I do?
Really, I just like to support Momma in her work. She creates such pretty stuff and I cover it with my furs to protect it! Momma is still working on this fussy cutting project for her hexie club where she is head troublemaker.  I don’t think I have enough furs on it yet so that is my project for the weekend!

4.       How does my creative process work?
I just look around for something to do. Sometimes there are hexies to furr, sometimes I need a good stretch and sometimes there is a new cobeweb to explore.


And what is the bestest part of a blog hop? Finding new places to explore of course!! I'm still working on finding more links for you but lets start with Leia. She's misunderstood cuz she has beautiful furs but lives in a house with an increasing number of little people which can make her a teeny weeny  cranky. I can understand - in fact, I run and hide when Momma's nephews come over.

Ok my furriends - it's time to share on this special day. We only going to have one linky party for both HeLP and Feline Friday so please link up your hexie projects and your felines!!!