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Friday, October 20, 2017

Feline Friday - 10/20/17

Last Friday Momma had a sew day at her house with her friend Cathy.

Can you believe they took up all the table space?
No space left for me!!
Auntie Cathy used the right paw table - where the snacks were handy!
Momma spread her zipper bag parts on the left paw table.

I helped Momma sew...of course!

Aren't I helpful to keep her chair warm?

Don't worry, I let her sit on the chair too - that's her red sweatshirt.

I can't wait until the next sew day. Auntie Cathy wants to learn how to make Seminole Quilts.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #22 - 10/18/17

The weather lately has been cool and crisp - very fall like. As in perfect for my fav season of the year.

A bonus of this cooler weather is that someone (and Z shall remain nameless) has been a little more social and cuddly. I therefore had big expectations when he seemed interested in helping me photograph last week's weather rosette.

We got off to a slow start. I really would have been happy with just toes as I have pictures of  other cats over the years with just toes. Except it's out of focus.

I tried a different angle.
He tried a different angle at the same time.

I finally got to use a new color!!!!
51 - 62 - 63 - 70- 76 - 45 - 59

In the end, I just went with this photo. It's on "my" trunk. It's really Mom's trunk and I borrow it for trunk shows but after the penultimate trunk show she never put her things back in it. I told her when I borrowed it this time that I wasn't giving it back!! She didn't protest very much.

She actually told me to keep the smaller green flat-top trunk I borrowed a while ago. I also own my great-grandfather's trunk which is 1.5 times as big as this one. Both this and GG-pa's are barrel top trunks - do you know why people had barrel top (~hump back) trunks?  I'd be happy to share more trunk photos if anyone is interested in them...

And just because I was pleased as punch -- check out my new socks!
Jelly? Aren't you?!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 10/17/17

Hello my fellow hexiologists!!! For today's Hexie Linky Party I'm going to finally reveal my secret-for-now project!!!

Background: several months ago I was asked to do a trunk show for Patchwork Gardens in East Amherst. Their store has a monthly hexie class and they tend to focus on one paper shape each month. I was asked to pick my favorite shape that I could demo after the trunk show. After stating that picking a favorite shape is worse than picking a favorite child, I quickly picked the jewel which is the main element in my Salt & Pepper project.

Once we had picked a shape, I thought maybe I should have some other projects to share with the same shape. I really like to have more than one purpose once I've spent my money on the papers - I was sure the girls would agree.

That's when I put out the word that I was hoping people would be willing to share a couple scrap strips with me. I really wasn't expecting more than just a few strips from each person, something that a 49cent stamp would mail. Instead I was overwhelmed with generosity!! Here's the last packages:

These little beauties came all the way from Jo in Australia!!
I've cut into some of the strips but not the larger cat or Australia fabrics yet.

These came from Janet O.
I just had to make up the Star Wars heart ASAP because it's so NOT Janet.
She's since sent me a couple more pieces of SW fabric.

This large package came from Donna in Florida - she apologized to having to delay their
sending until after the hurricane passed. Not. A. problem.
 Donna - I hope you'll post a comment sometime!!
There is actually yardage in this package - I'll cut the bits I need for this project and use the rest for Kennel Quilts.

Phew - that's a lot of fabric for everyone to share!!! And can you believe that there was not a single duplicate among the donations or my own scraps? That's unbelievable.

So - did you figure out what I'm working on? Maybe this give you a clue?

I'm making jewel hearts!

The original idea was to make a "large" size quilt using just the hearts but I decided that it was just too busy to "see" all the scrappy fabrics.

I decided that I would separate the hearts with neutral honeycombs so that the hearts would be more defined. On Friday, I was laying out some of the hearts with the honeycombs for a friend and realized the honeycombs won't fit - they are the same 1" sides as a hexie but different angles. I'll need to use hexagons. Thankfully I only had 6 or 8 honeycombs finished. Oopies.

I've tried to see if I could create a box type shape with the hearts but I haven't gotten it to work yet so it appears I'll be doing my first strippy quilt.

What do you think?? I hope everyone who donated fabric is happy with the project!

And now it's your turn. What projects are you working on? Secret or otherwise?
Any paper shape or vintage project is fair game.