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Friday, August 22, 2014

Feline Friday - 8/22/14

On Monday, Momma came in from mowing and found me doing this on the dining room table. She tried to tell me that Zorro was being a bad influence because I've "never" been on the dining room table before and he's always trying to get on the DR table. Hah!
Momma says I look like a deer in the headlights.
Auntie Denise says I look guilty.

Hello?! Look who copied ME on Wednesday!!
Momma thinks it's somehow important to add that Z did this after taking a bath in the wet tub.
I think it's much more important that I was able to photo bomb Z getting into trouble again. Bwahaha!

Just who is the bad influence here at Casa Grande??!! Let's blame Squeaky!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 8/18/14

Thanks to good swift cyber kick in the butt from Frances yesterday, I made some progress on my "Jared Takes an Asian Wife" which is my spin on Bonnie's quilt. I would like to complete the quilt (at least the top) before I take a class with Bonnie in mid-September.

This was my status as of May and it hadn't changed a wink.
Yesterday I fiddled in EQ7...
The center 4x5 layout is completed and shown above with super model Zorro
The green/neutral corners have been done since May.
I have very little black left so there was barely enough to do the interior star points on the outer round of blocks - I think the red star points really makes the whole thing sing.
All the other parts are cut except for the star centers. I know where I am leaning but what do you think? Yellow centers like the left side of the layout or green like the right side? Red was a last minute contender.

The yellow and red are direction in case it makes a difference...

I had originally wanted to make the quilt bigger before adding a border but since this 6x7 layout is 72"x84" I probably won't add one. That's subject to woman's prerogative tho!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

HeLP for Hexie-aholics!

Yes ladies - HeLP for Hexie-aholics has arrived again! Today's the day we share our English Paper Piecing projects whether they are current, UFOs, antique or just a dream. Any shape or vintage is fair game and will probably inspire someone!

Did you catch my Twisted hexie tutorial earlier this week? I'll get it added to the Hexiology tab someday - I need to finish fair week and go camping again first. Selfish, aren't I??!!

I've been taking my hexie box with me to the fair all week and getting some work done. It's not dedicated/productive stitching like camping but it's still fun to share with newbies. I did take out a few projects Wednesday tho. I was just being too over-optimistic and needed the space for what I was doing that day (sitting at the LQS booth and demoing).  Don't worry, they will be moved back to the box shortly for another quick camping trip.

The (new/clean) biohazard bags were dropped off at the LQS for us hexie girls to use.
They are perfect for our projects and it's a fun inside joke.

I think this is Value Proposition block #6. Yipper, I'm behind but really enjoying the value challenge, fussy cutting and finding fabrics hidden in my stash to play with. I have the next 2 blocks kitted up and need to work on kitting #9 this weekend. This photo was taken Thursday morning and should be completed well before the time this post goes live on Sunday. The debate will be to work on the sashing or start the next block...
Hmm...didn't mean to use the pic with the "stink eye" but she wasn't happy with me trying to pose her so it is what it is.
Always a sucker for a new project, I have actually been working on this while at lunch this month. One of the not-so-LQS has small scrap bags of coordinated fabrics. This bag had the orange/pink/yellow batiks and the wild fabric on the left plus a small bit of brown batik and was called "Vibrant Autumn." I had to substitute the brown for a larger piece. I'm not sure that it will have the same impact but it appears to work. I'll be using the brown where the paperpieces.com pattern shows black. I have yet to decide what to do in the center/gray or outer corners since I plan to use the wild fabric on the back and maybe the binding. Maybe I can find a red to match the background of  the wild fabric. This will probably just be a small ~12" doll quilt/cat mat since I have very little of the batiks left.

Alright - show us your current projects, your dream projects and your recent hexie related purchases. Please remember to link to a specific post and not to your blog in general. I can help with that if you need..