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Friday, April 18, 2014

True Confessions Feline Friday - 4/18/14

Hey Z - I'm sorry we fight like cats & dogs - you really are my favorite brother...for now, anyways.

Momma still hasn't shortened the new jeans she bought 2 weeks ago...or the new pants she bought in December. What is this big fancy Bernina for anyway? Momma claims she likes her broken-in holey jeans better...something about they just don't make them like they used to...
Momma didn't make the bed again and I'm ok with it!

Hoppy Easter to all our favorite felines from Midgie, Squeaky and Zorro!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

HeLP for Hexie-aholics

Hello and welcome to another edition of HeLP for Hexie-aholics, our monthly Hexie Linky Party!!!

As part of our Hexie Night at the LQS, we have a Birthday Club. When it's your birth month, the other hexiologists give you basted "hexies" in whatever color you have requested. Last year was our first and we exchanged 3/4" hexies - you'll recall the pillow I am making with my purple hexies.

This year we are exchanging 1.5" 6-point diamonds. I bought the papers a while ago but they were too small for my intention at that time and they got put in the drawer while I worked with a bigger size. Now that we are going to play with the 1.5" diamonds I decided it was time to make something with them - not only as a sample for the girls to get ideas for their birthday diamonds but also because I've had this picture pinned for some time and I wanted to do it in EPP (the original was done with paper piecing and not with diamonds).

I'll be adding diamonds of a darker orange around the outside edge.

Please don't ask what it's gonna be when it grows up!

Ok, Now it's YOUR turn to share an EPP project of any shape or vintage!!!! Don't forget to link to a specific post. Let me know if you need help linking properly or fixing a link. I'm looking forward to seeing all of your projects!!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Quilt Guild report...

Yesterday everyone I saw was talking about the horrible weather  - how cold it was (30F really only feels that cold cuz it was 80F the day before) and all the snow we were going to get. Supposedly between 1 and 4". I thought that would be the perfect Wordless Wednesday photo. Well here ya go:

How is it the weather peeps can always be so "off" and still keep their jobs?
I suppose I best give you something more interesting to look at than my tiny tiger lilies...

Last night was Quilt Guild. We had a trunk show based on Deb Tucker's tools. Gorgeous quilts! I took pictures of several hunter star quilts. If I ever get my blue and green batik HS done, I'll try one of her other layouts - they were all about fabric placement.

Ten new fabrics for my stash!

I had completely forgotten that there was going to be a sale on someones stash fabrics. Most were FQs but some were just pieces. Can you believe I got the whole pile for just $3??!! Pretty close to the amount of fabric I got at the quilt show for just a fraction of the cost. If I hadn't run out of time I could have picked out more. Hopefully they will bring the bins to next months meeting too!

Everything looks better upside down!

I also received another fab gift from my secret sister! The chick topped porcelain cupcake is actually a candy dish and it came stocked with choco!! The plates are adorable and I can't wait for this coming weekend to use them with the napkins I forget to tell you about from last month's gift. I already had the Easter cactus - it was the only yellow one at the store so I grabbed that one up pretty fast - I've been looking for one for eons. The black & white goofball you've met before but he seems to approve. Thank you SS!!!!!