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Friday, September 18, 2020

Feline Friday - 9/18/20

We are still walking down memory lane towards Zorro's Gotcha Day at the end of the month...

Today's old photo makes me think about all the nicknames we give our pets. 

Zorro, before his Gotcha Day, was The Introoder and then Mr Peepers as he was always peeping in the windows, wanting in. Zorro, of course, is because of his mask and cape. Then he became the Dork for doing everything backwards. Eventually he became the Z-Man or just Z. 

Now a days I also call him my little Monkey (he's always up to some kind of monkey business), Turkey (I recently found out he might be a Turkish Angora), SnickeyDo (short for snicker doodle - can't remember how that even started), Bubba or my current fav, Bubby (Bubba + Baby).

Does your cat have a couple nicknames?

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Birthday Cake reminder

It's now just four month's until my "nifty" birthday...have you made a birthday cake block yet?

I've received several in the mail already and I know several more are in the works. I'd love to receive your blocks before my birthday on 1/17. That's a Sunday so I hope to start sewing them together that weekend.

My first Over the Hill (black) block!!!

Directions are at the link above or I can also send a pdf to anyone who asks. TIA for participating!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Wednesday Weather Report #174 - 9/16/20

I hope today's photo doesn't end up being as political as some of what I've been ignoring online...

The news has been showing truckloads of mail boxes being removed but it's pretty much a non-issue in the small communities where I live and work. This mail box is one of 2 in the town where I work and it's outside the post office. The other box is at the bank drive through. There used to be a third just two blocks from the post office but it was removed a good 5 years ago as people just weren't using it enough to warrant staff checking it twice a day. There are only 4,600 people in this town so it was more about changing habits than an inconvenience. I mean, who can't walk the extra 2 blocks in a 3 block business district?

The smaller town where I live has one box in front of the post office.

September 9 - 15, 2020
83 - 73 - 56 - 70 - 66 - 61 - 61 F

In reality, anyone with rural delivery just has to put the flag up on the mailbox at the end of their driveway and the mail(wo)man will pick up what ever needs to be mailed when he delivers your daily mail.

How is the mailbox situation where you live?