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Friday, November 09, 2018

Feline Friday - 11/9/18

Yesterday was an awesome day to be outside. It was sunny and blue skies!

I'm sexy and I know it!

Even more important, I knew it was my last chance cuz look what Momma has to deal with today:

Taken Friday morning - cars and awnings are now covered and the roads are slush city.

She bothered doing her hair why?

And where am I, you might worry? No need to worry on my behalf cuz I am warm and dry, unlike Momma's feet in all that melted slushy mess.

Ah...the life of a cat!

PS - Yesterday Momma and Auntie Neesey were talking about all the cats that have owned them. Momma thought it would be fun to do a special post on the day after Thanksgiving dedicated to those cats. Kind of a lets be thankful for our cats thing. She asked me to ask you to start looking for pictures of any cats that have owned you and to join in the special linky party on Friday, 11/23/18!

Thursday, November 08, 2018

kaleidoscopes and bazaar items

Just a quickie post today as I didn't have the time for a proper post like I thought...

Last Friday was Hexie Club, where I stitched the bottom row to the doll quilt. 

Since this is my fall UFO project, I decided to dedicate this week to the kaleidoscope project.
That's right, no Mr Serious this week! I'm in serious withdrawal! LOL
I will have completed 3 blocks by the end of today

I've made 9 candle mats. These last 5 just need simple quilting.

This is 5 of the 6 picture frames I've made. Next up is round frames
It's been fun to throw crazy fabrics together.
They were fiddly but oh so cute.

When I asked friends at work and Hexie Club for magazine insert cards,
I never expected them to find so many cards!
I've been punching away at the pile - it's especially nice to get any aggression out after a trying day (I may be doing a LOT of them tonight) 

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

Wednesday Weather Report #77 - 11/7/18

I really wanted to post something on Monday but it's been a crazy busy week. I'll try to get my new bazaar items posted tomorrow. The good news is that fall job#2 should be done in about a week, giving me back my lunch hours for blogging and hexies! Well, and for eating of course.

And heck - I just realized that yesterday was the first Tuesday and we should have hosted The Bibliophile Files - I'll do that next Tuesday.

Only 2 weeks until a 4 day weekend! I. Can't. Wait!

We had a wind storm blow through last night (hahahaha). I had de-leafed the front lawn on Sunday but had run out of daylight to make a dent in the side yard. It's just as well because this tree is now pretty much bare. I forgot to check the maple tree in the back yard but I'm going to guess it's about the same.

October 31:  60 F
November 1-6: 43 - 51 - 41 - 46 - 54 - 60 F
Yipp we hit 60 on Halloween to begin the week and by the skin of our teeth we also hit 60 again to finish the week. I was willing to get a tad creative yesterday to hit 60 at 1pm (averaging the 4 weather apps on my phone: 58, 59, 61, 62....a strangely wide spread) but by 1:30 my main app was reading 60 so either way I'm good with 60 as yesterday's "official" temp. The rumor mill is calling for snow showers next week but I'm not getting excited until I see it...or shovel it!

October 1-31, 2018

I'm not sure if the QCO is upset with the workmanship or the weather. There have been many days that he has not liked the weather enuf to stay inside for the day so I'm going to guess my workmanship is up to par :)

And with the close of the October weather hexies, "we" are now officially into the 6th month of this year's temperature quilt.

Have you started a temp quilt? It doesn't have to be hexies - any quilt block would work. And please don't wait until January 1st. My January first came and went at least three times before I finally got this project started 5/17/2017. Once you get started you will also wonder why it took so long...