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Monday, June 26, 2017

Design Wall Monday and some goodies but oldies

I put in a lot of time on my secret brown-bag-challenge project in the last week so there isn't a lot that I can share today. Luckily that project will be done before this weekend - a whole week early. Woohoo!

I'm now working on adding white sashing to a third blue rosette.

I had originally planned to take the sashed rosettes and the pile of yellow/orange rosettes and start putting them together while camping but I changed my mind!! Ha! I decided the pieces were too big to pack safely - I've got plenty of rosettes kitted up and I can continue to add white or gray sashing to any of the blue rosettes while camping.

I am also expecting to be asked to do another hexie trunk show later this summer so maybe it's also time to work on finishing some other smaller (ie quicker) projects that I can share. I just need to finalize what those little "quickies" will be. Don't worry, there are several to choose from! And BTW - I'll probably change my mind on all of this as the summer progresses (meaning before AND after camping).

I was again granted Friday's off work for July and August. They are historically labeled as No Housework Fridays meaning I can hike and sew to my hearts content All. Day. Long. Woohoo!!

I'm very excited that I just ordered a quilting ruler that I need to quilt my owl quilt and I also found out that a LQS is going to start carrying Westalee rulers. Just last week I printed out the 40+ page catalog and was trying to decide what to order, both for the owl quilt but also because I want a spirograph type design for the temp quilt. I doubt they will carry every ruler so that will help narrow my choices down!! My first Friday off will be 7/7 so you can expect to see some ruler quilting in the following blog post. That or just a picture of me in total breakdown mode, face shiny with tears. Lets hope for the first.

Dang this got wordy today. How about I share a couple goodies from my archives that I shared with Chantal yesterday:

This was from my foundation paper piecing days, before my current English paper piecing days. Yes!! I was once obsessed with something other than hexies.

I was too lazy to take it off the wall but the bottom is only 10" wide. I'm guessing that makes it just 12" or 13" high.

This wall hanging started from the snail trail cat pattern found in a magazine. I then learned of pieced letters from a blog and found the phrase on a cat-a-day calendar.

Can you see all the crosshatching around the cats? That was done by eye and it took FOREVER but it really makes the cats pop. The border has orange peels

I had intended to hang this over my bed when the bedroom was finally painted/redecorated but now I'm thinking it's kinda morbid for a bedroom (where I sleep alone/with my cat!) so I've decided to hang it in the Quilt Lab which is the next room to be redone. More people will see it in the lab so I think it's a win!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wednesday Weather and Pieced Hexies

This week's weather was pretty standard for June in Western NY. Starting in the 70s, jumping to the 80s and then back down to the 60s. I think this week I'll start writing down the actual temperatures to include with these weather reports since I think that's more interesting than generalizations.

I suppose it's about time I also admit that I've ALWAYS been a weather junkie, like I almost considered it as a career kind of a junkie. Don't hold it against me...

Almost done with a second white "sashing"

And I should  have known better than to work on something simple last weekend for Quilt in Public Day - now it's all I want to work on instead of my secret swap project or the UFO that I was making great strides on. There's no deadline for the UFO but the secret project has to be done in 16 days so I best get out my best taskmaster voice and get myself back to it.

It's hard to tell in the photos but I've got about 25 different white on white fabrics to use for the white sashing. I darkened the contrast on this photo hoping you can see some of them. I've got hexies, gingerbread men, polka dots, strips, cowboy boots, snowflakes and just about anything else I can find :)

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