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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

The Bibliophile Files - 3/3/15

Oh...I was such a slacker last month. Can you believe I only finished 3 audio books?? I certainly can't! I'm worried "they" are going to take away my bookworm status...

Today is going to be short and sweet with a promise to do better this month...

Gone Girl
Top Secret 21
Last to Die

Currently on my stereo ... Justice Hall

Your turn - what have you read recently? Novel? Magazine? Quilt book/pattern? Cereal Box?

Monday, March 02, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 3/2/15

Saturday evening I attended a chili cook-off at one of the local churches. It was free-will-offering for eat-all-you-can-eat and there was a Chinese Basket Auction as well. All the proceeds went to our local food pantry. There were 14 chilies to test. My first choice was tied for 2nd place and my 2nd choice (pulled pork but it was too sweet) won first place. It was a lot of fun and already can't wait for next year's cook-off!!

First order of business over the weekend was to kit up most of my remaining Value Proposition blocks. I pulled in some new teal fabrics for these 4 kits. I'll have to finish these and then lay out all the blocks before cutting the last 2 kits in case I want to de/emphasize any colors in this scrappy project.

Second order of business was to do just a little more pink for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge. I found 1 of the box kites when unpacking the box I had packed for my quilting 101 class and then I made 2 more, bringing the total to a respectable 8. I made just one pink basket block and worked on 4 D4P Puss in the Corner blocks (only 1 is shown tho).

Next I worked on this months scrap color: Yellow!!! I kitted 8 box kite blocks (yes I use cheap hair clips from Dollar General to separate the parts) and cut or found strips for at least 5 or 6 more. Can you tell I like yellow??!! I also worked on starting some D4P blocks and started prepping strips for 3 basket blocks.

I finally got all my hexie fabrics cut for my iSpy project. I do have a pack of 5 more fabrics that I am debating to use. They are not good quality fabric but I love the designs so they will probably be next on the cutting mat. I saved 2 others - 1 for a project for our hexie club (hopefully there will be a charm square left) and the other is a rather large design that won't show well in an iSpy so I think I'll just save it for a doll quilt backing.

Last but not least, I've made some progress on rosette #1. It's probably a little hard to tell but I have 7 finished hexagons to be added to the right side of the outer row and the last mostly-black hexie from the 2nd row is almost finished. I just need to finish 4 more outer row hexagons to finish this rosette. I think I'll have the hexies made in 4 lunch hours and then I'll have to put this together sitting at the table since it's already a monster piece. I never did get to picking fabrics for the next rosette...

Phew...it was a fun but busy weekend and other than a crockpot meal, never did get to the housework. Darn!

Friday, February 27, 2015

Feline Friday - 2/27/15


All the peeps are saying that Spring is right around the corner...

I go to the neighbor's house at the corner every day to check and I don't see 'nothin!

As a sophisticat, I don't get how people can get away with saying something that obviously isn't true. We all know there is like 30" of snow in my yard and more is expected this weekend! I don't think it's gonna go anywhere fast...especially when it's this cold.

Maybe I'll just stay inside and watch the corner from here...