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Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Wednesday Weather Report #150 - 4/1/20

Remember how I recently said something to the effect of not much teal/40s weather? Well I take it back. Just like everything else gone haywire so far this year, look at this next picture. I looked at the weather from the last 2 years and was still pretty cold compared to this year.

March 25 - 31, 2020
48 - 61 - 44 - 45 - 64 - 44 - 43 F

Yes! I did wear sunglasses while stitching this week's weather!

The clouds were much more dramatic in person

This is the town where I work. I saw a Napa work vehicle, manure truck and maybe two other vehicles versus the normal no parking available situation. It's definitely a ghost town around here and pretty creepy at times. I just hope all the businesses are able to open back up soon as a lot of local groups have worked hard to get those businesses established here in little ol' Perry, NY.

Stay safe out there my friends and by that I mean stay home !!

Friday, March 27, 2020

Feline Friday - 3/27/20

Given that Momma's office door is locked during NYS on Pause, she can sometimes work from home while her deputy is in the office to do some work and answer the phone.

On Monday, I spent the first hour watching her work on the dining room table. I've wondered for a long time what that table was for as she generally drops her work bag there when she gets home and then eats on the coffee table.

I was exhausted from so much snoopervising so I had to take a quick nap or three.

Eventually Momma set up her "standing desk" to check emails.

I'm pretty sure it's still the ironing board but I snoopervised anyway.

Yes! That is a stink eye!

This level of snoopervision is exhausting and I'm not sure how many more work from home days I can sustain this...I might need my own deputy...

Luckily we took an exercise break in the afternoon to play.
I'm hoping we take more breaks next time Momma works from home!!!