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Friday, October 20, 2017

Feline Friday - 10/20/17

Last Friday Momma had a sew day at her house with her friend Cathy.

Can you believe they took up all the table space?
No space left for me!!
Auntie Cathy used the right paw table - where the snacks were handy!
Momma spread her zipper bag parts on the left paw table.

I helped Momma sew...of course!

Aren't I helpful to keep her chair warm?

Don't worry, I let her sit on the chair too - that's her red sweatshirt.

I can't wait until the next sew day. Auntie Cathy wants to learn how to make Seminole Quilts.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #22 - 10/18/17

The weather lately has been cool and crisp - very fall like. As in perfect for my fav season of the year.

A bonus of this cooler weather is that someone (and Z shall remain nameless) has been a little more social and cuddly. I therefore had big expectations when he seemed interested in helping me photograph last week's weather rosette.

We got off to a slow start. I really would have been happy with just toes as I have pictures of  other cats over the years with just toes. Except it's out of focus.

I tried a different angle.
He tried a different angle at the same time.

I finally got to use a new color!!!!
51 - 62 - 63 - 70- 76 - 45 - 59

In the end, I just went with this photo. It's on "my" trunk. It's really Mom's trunk and I borrow it for trunk shows but after the penultimate trunk show she never put her things back in it. I told her when I borrowed it this time that I wasn't giving it back!! She didn't protest very much.

She actually told me to keep the smaller green flat-top trunk I borrowed a while ago. I also own my great-grandfather's trunk which is 1.5 times as big as this one. Both this and GG-pa's are barrel top trunks - do you know why people had barrel top (~hump back) trunks?  I'd be happy to share more trunk photos if anyone is interested in them...

And just because I was pleased as punch -- check out my new socks!
Jelly? Aren't you?!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 10/17/17

Hello my fellow hexiologists!!! For today's Hexie Linky Party I'm going to finally reveal my secret-for-now project!!!

Background: several months ago I was asked to do a trunk show for Patchwork Gardens in East Amherst. Their store has a monthly hexie class and they tend to focus on one paper shape each month. I was asked to pick my favorite shape that I could demo after the trunk show. After stating that picking a favorite shape is worse than picking a favorite child, I quickly picked the jewel which is the main element in my Salt & Pepper project.

Once we had picked a shape, I thought maybe I should have some other projects to share with the same shape. I really like to have more than one purpose once I've spent my money on the papers - I was sure the girls would agree.

That's when I put out the word that I was hoping people would be willing to share a couple scrap strips with me. I really wasn't expecting more than just a few strips from each person, something that a 49cent stamp would mail. Instead I was overwhelmed with generosity!! Here's the last packages:

These little beauties came all the way from Jo in Australia!!
I've cut into some of the strips but not the larger cat or Australia fabrics yet.

These came from Janet O.
I just had to make up the Star Wars heart ASAP because it's so NOT Janet.
She's since sent me a couple more pieces of SW fabric.

This large package came from Donna in Florida - she apologized to having to delay their
sending until after the hurricane passed. Not. A. problem.
 Donna - I hope you'll post a comment sometime!!
There is actually yardage in this package - I'll cut the bits I need for this project and use the rest for Kennel Quilts.

Phew - that's a lot of fabric for everyone to share!!! And can you believe that there was not a single duplicate among the donations or my own scraps? That's unbelievable.

So - did you figure out what I'm working on? Maybe this give you a clue?

I'm making jewel hearts!

The original idea was to make a "large" size quilt using just the hearts but I decided that it was just too busy to "see" all the scrappy fabrics.

I decided that I would separate the hearts with neutral honeycombs so that the hearts would be more defined. On Friday, I was laying out some of the hearts with the honeycombs for a friend and realized the honeycombs won't fit - they are the same 1" sides as a hexie but different angles. I'll need to use hexagons. Thankfully I only had 6 or 8 honeycombs finished. Oopies.

I've tried to see if I could create a box type shape with the hearts but I haven't gotten it to work yet so it appears I'll be doing my first strippy quilt.

What do you think?? I hope everyone who donated fabric is happy with the project!

And now it's your turn. What projects are you working on? Secret or otherwise?
Any paper shape or vintage project is fair game.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Feline Friday - 10/13/17

Iz ok Momma...I'll guard your box-o-kennel quilt fabrics!

They needed pretesting anyway...

Happy Friday the 13th!

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #21 - 10/11/17

And here we are...done with week #21!!! Woo hoo!!

And that means I am now done with three full rows of my temperature quilt!!

There is a definite yellow-green tinge creeping into the later blocks. I think fall is finally thinking of making an official appearance. Today is a good example...when you are woken up by your fav furchild at 6am and it's already warmer than the day's projected high, you know it's all downhill from there.  It's currently 51 and raining - yet again so close to a new color. Next chance looks like it could be Monday...

I've got a little catching up to do on the machine applique but it won't take more than half an hour to get the last row together and attached to the mothership. It's on the agenda for my sew day on Friday.

Cathy and I were going to take a Bonnie class with a guild up in Rochester but when the guild attached an *additional* $35 fee since there were sooo many students in the class we said thanks but no thanks. We can sew at my house for way less than $100 each, even if we order an extravagant lunch somewhere. We have both taken Bonnie classes before so we weren't totally heartbroken.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Bibliophile Files - 10/10/17

So...I recently upgraded my iPhone to an unlimited plan which included a personal hotspot. I was excited to finally have internet at home, which is hard to do without a land line phone or cable. Sadly, I still can't get it to work properly. The first time I tried, it wouldn't connect at all. The second time I tried, I connected but the pages wouldn't load. There are 2 directions this is going to go: I'll try again, this will be 'third time is the charm' and all will work fine or I'll just decide that it's finally time to upgrade the laptop. The laptop is ancient but without internet, I wasn't using it much at home other than EQ7 and to type a few Word docs here and there. If I could finally blog at home, I would be thrilled.

Anyway, welcome to this delayed, yet quickie version of the Bibliophile Files - my monthly list of
finished books. This is an abbreviated version since both jobs are cray-cray again this week and I'm squeezing this in between jobs and fire meeting.

BTW - I'm still 7 books ahead of schedule!! 76 down and 14 to go. Easy Peasy!

     16th Seduction
     In my Hands: Memories of a Holocaust Rescuer - Memoir of a Polish girl saving Jews during WWII. Fascinating.
     Our Family Quilt
     Mangrove Lightning
     Hard Truth - not my fav Anna Pigeon book. I love the series for the national park info but this had very little park info.
     Between Shades of Gray - a sad WWII story based on true events. The authors note at the end of the audiobook was heart wrenching as she recalled family info and stopped the recording mid-sentence in tears. She wasn't the only person in tears...

     at home - The Couple Next Door
     on my phone - The One Safe Place

Your turn!! What have you read recently? Novels, magazines, quilt patterns and cereal boxes all count!

Friday, October 06, 2017

Feline Friday - 10/6/17

I am the luckiest cat in the whole Cativerse!!!

Yipp - I have a crystal bowl!

How do I know? Cuz Momma made me my very own fur-coordinated place mat (she says I'm a messy eaterer) and I don't know any other cat who has such a thing.

I mean she put her whole heart into it and every thing!

As a reward for her hard labors, I slept in her lap for 31 minutes and not a second more!

Well, there was also that pigeon I brought her but I don't think you wanna see those pictures...

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #20

84 - 56 - 56 - 50 - 58 - 67 - 75
Fall tried it's hardest to sneak in this week! I was "this" close to using dark green for the first time on Saturday (those 4 really are "bright" greens compared to the "dark" greens I'll be using). We started the day with a light frost so I was fingers crossed all morning for the temp to stay in the 40s until 1pm but no dice. Cold weather is coming so I'm not so much rushing things as looking for a change of hexie color. I've not cut any more oranges so if the weather stays the same 60/70s for the next week like forecasted, I might need to cut a few more or I'll have just enough. It's literally going to be that close...

I'll try to get back on schedule with blogging next week. My office is closed Monday for the holiday but I've got a new Verizon plan that is supposed to make my iPhone a hotspot for my laptop. It's worth a shot. Bibliophile Files will be next Tuesday. And then I have to share about my last camping trip to the Adirondacks, my trunk show yesterday and I can finally reveal my secret project along with the latest squishies that have arrived!

Zorro will be here on Friday eager to show you his newest possession.
We won't talk about the gift he brought me for breakfast this morning and then proceeded to eat it himself, ending in him sitting on the porch in a food coma. Ick.

Monday, October 02, 2017

Good news, Bad news

Always start with the bad news...
--Sorry no post again today and I'll have to delay tomorrow's Bibliophile Files.

Then follow with the good news...
-----Today I got to meet Barbara and Mike who were passing through my area on their cross country road trip!! Tomorrow I get to do a hexie trunk show and bed turning!

Be back soon...

Friday, September 29, 2017

Feline Friday - 9/29/17

Momma wants me to tell you what a bad good boy I've been!

A week ago, I came home with chew marks on my forehead and ear - I was protecting my 'hood!! Luckily everything healed nice and Momma didn't have to put me in the the P.T.U. to take me to the V.E.T.

Momma went camping again in the Adirondacks last weekend (and she hasn't even told you yet!). While she was gone Auntie Kristie and Unkle Tommy came to feed me.

To my right is the bell I ring when I want to go outside.
I'm such a smartie pants!

I tested the food box while waiting for their arrival. It appears that when the box is moved downstairs it is not very secure. I'll have my staff look in to that.

It's hard to see the lasso in my right hand
but it's there and it's fun to play with.

As a reward punishment for my hard work, Momma is having me practice with my new Halloween costume. I'm not yet pleased with how the jeans fit my legs but I did allow her to document the process.

I also defended my 'hood again last night. Momma kissed my scratched up nose but I wouldn't let her clean up the blood.

Momma says next time my reward punishment will be trying on both parts of my costume at the same time. I. Can't. Wait.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Feline Friday - 9/22/17

Ok, I admit that Momma put me in jail...

...but I know that if I'm patient enough...

...there will soon be laundry to keep me warm!

The anticipation is exhausting!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #18, HeLP, Squishies & Christmas

Did all y'all miss me Sunday? Did you remember there should have been a HeLP post? I remembered way too late and then forgot again and then remembered again yet this is the first I've had time to post all week. I am sooooo ready for the "weekend" to get here...

77 - 73 - 77 - 79 - 81 - 82 - 77F

Squishy from Sharon with scraps for my secret-for-now project

Squishy from Chantal for my hexie fabric stash

Squishy from Julie with scraps for my secret-for-now project

Woohoo!! The top is done and I've opened out all the outside seam allowances.
It will be trimmed straight after I figure out how to quilt it.

This backing matched better in the store but I still kinda like it.
If I don't find anything better at the 2 stores I'll be going to this weekend
or in early October I'll go ahead with this one.

Yipp - my Christmas Cactus is getting ready for an early show.
This plant often blossoms three times a year if I ignore it properly.

Feel free to link your temperature quilt or any hexie project to our linky party today!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Feline Friday - 9/15/17

Momma keeps my water bowl in the tub cuz I like to play in the water.
After her shower I like to get in the tub and grab a sip.

I loves when Momma gives me a blow out after my drink!!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 9/11/17

There was a lot of fighting for the space heater this weekend!
My house tends to stay on the cool side year round.
It's great in the summer but not in the fall or winter...

My first scrap package arrived on Saturday!!
Can you believe they are 100% different than my stash?
 I've got half of the strips cut and half of those stitched already.

Not sure what I'm talking about? Check out the bottom of this post

I didn't get far on the Kennel Quilts.
It appears I've got extra time tonight to work on them some more...

This doll quilt is nearly done. Woohoo!!
It needs half hexies along the right and full hexies along the bottom.
When the top/bottom are trimmed flat and it's quilted/washed it should fit perfectly.

Friday, September 08, 2017

Feline Friday - 9/8/17

It might look like I'm being a lazy Monkey but I'm really resting up so I can help Momma this
weekend. She's gonna need lots of snoopervison!!

Ya see...Harvey went to visit Texas and now Irma is gonna visit Florida.

(Momma lived in Miami for 14 years - long before I adopted her. It was after Andrew visited but she still got to visit with Katrina, Rita and 5 or 6 others).

Momma doesn't have money to donate but she found out that there are kitties and doggies who can use little quilts. They are called Kennel Quilts. Shelters put them in the bottom of cages or P.T.Us to make the kitties more comfortable. (Oh Yeah - you heard me - we ain't makin' no stinkin' dog quilts!)

Momma wants to make some this weekend. They are only 12 x 18" so it shouldn't be so hard.

Click here for:
More info
Free Patterns
Shelters that currently need Kennel Quilts - Sign up for their email list and learn about new shelter needs as they are added to the list.

Sew what do you think, my fellow felines?
Can anyone else snoopervise their staff into making some Kennel Quilts??

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #16

Yipp!! You read that right!
Report #16!!
That means we are officially 4 months into this project!!

Let's start with the forgotten picture from last Wednesday...

69 - 64 - 68 - 66 - 69 - 68 - 68
Last week I stated that this was the first monochromatic week of the project but it turns out I was wrong. Oopsies! It was the first week of all 60s but there had been an all 70s week that I forgot about.

Lots of variety this week:

71 - 63 - 58 - 65 - 66 - 76 - 62
Your eyes are NOT deceiving you - those are broccoli on my bright green hexie :)

Here is the last 16 weeks! Remember that the top row was left to right (starting May 17) and the second is right to left. We are now back to left to right.

Would you like to help me with a scrappy secret-for-now project? 

I'm working on a secret-for-now project for the next month and I'm looking to make it the scrappiest I possibly can. It's probably a long term project but I need to keep it secret for just a little while - how about I reveal my progress at our October HeLP? Is that fair?

If you have a few scraps that you can convince yourself to part with I would be forever grateful. Any color or genre fabric is game but the piece does need to be 2.5" x 7" for me to use it. That should fit nicely in a small envelope with a regular stamp.

Please email me for my address. THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

The Bibliophile Files - 9/5/17

Here's a quicky book report for the month - I'm back to doing taxes during my lunch hours so there is little time for blogging :(

I've now finished 69 of 90 books so far this year. Whoo Hoo!!! Goodreads says I'm actually 9 books AHEAD of schedule which is a miracle given that I can't remember the last time I listened to a book on my iPhone while going for a walk thanks to Mr Ankle...I miss walking. Whine. Whine. Whine.

     The Shack
     The Whiskey Sea
     Lady Killer
     The Last Child
     If I'm Found
     Sadako & the 1,000 Paper Cranes
     Crash & Burn
     The Dorito Effect

     Paperback - Our Family Quilt
     On my iPhone - In My Hands
     On my home stereo - The Museum of Innocence

And now it's your turn - what books have you read in the last month?!
Anything counts - novel, magazine, quilt pattern or cereal box!

Friday, September 01, 2017

Feline Friday - 9/1/17

Now that the weather is turning yellow and green, I've been spending more time inside with Momma, especially at night. I've snuggled with her every night this week - not just by her feet like when the Bleu monster lived here but in her arms and even next to her head last night. How come I've never slept at the head of the bed before?

Aren't my furs nice?
Just ignore the random grey hairs - must be from taking care of Momma

I also assisted Momma with taxes this week. She works very hard so sometimes she needs to be reminded to take a break now and then. Sometimes I have to get **real** close to make her take a break.

Sometimes I just sit nearby.

In return, Momma builds me a fort.

Life is good at Casa Grande!

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #15

So, I'm having a week...not just a Monday, but a week....Saturday can't get here fast enough. Then I can put my foot up again and get back to some hexies :)

I'm working on school taxes this week. There is always something goofy but I think this year takes the cake. I generally have a three day weekend plus several weeknights to work on them. This year I only have 2.5 weeknights because they were printed really late. I was up in the middle of the night working on taxes last night so I'll blame my addled brain for not remembering to take a picture this morning of my rosette. I had really thought that repeating "take a picture take a picture take a picture" in the shower would remind me but no such luck. I think when the water goes off all ideas go down the drain with the water.

And I was sew excited to share because it was a yellow-all-the-way week and that's the first monohcromatic week since we started on 5/15/17. Next week I'll have to share several catch up photos.

In the meantime, this was what I was doing last Saturday...I was asked to do a demo at our local Farmer's Market!! Many people were thrilled with the concept of the Temperature Quilt (on the left) and they can't wait to see how it looks next spring when it's "finished".

I've pretty much decided to do another temp quilt next year (maybe for several coming years?) and I think it would be really interesting to eventually have an exhibit where the quilts were hung side by side to compare them all. I don't relish making and storing a big quilt for each year so I may have to rethink how I'm going forward next year...

As soon as those tax bills are dropped in the mail tomorrow I can get back to quilting my owl quilt - our exhibit goes up Friday evening and I'm running out of time. Eek! I've finished the curved cross hatching and borders and the binding is on.

I still need to add more quilting to each star to "flatten" it to counteract the curved cross hatching puffing up the stars. It's ok as is for the exhibit if need be but I've got some simple ideas that would add some fun detail. I've got lots more pictures to share on this project...hopefully next week.