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Friday, April 21, 2017

Feline Friday - 4/21/17

Momma says I'm too sided:


Getting up in the world

and Nice:

Crashed after a night out on the town

I have noooooo idea what she's talking about...

PS - Momma is on a bloggy break. She might be back next Friday or she might hold off until the following Monday. Cya then...

Monday, April 17, 2017

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 4/17/17

Hello and welcome to this month's edition of HeLP (Hexie Linky Party) for those of us that are addicted to English Paper Piecing!!!

I'm afraid I don't have much to share as I've spent all my time lately sewing things to sell at an upcoming conference I'll be attending.

You may recall from about 2 weeks ago that I finished what I could on this 3D doll quilt. "Finished" means I had used up all 3 FQs yet still needed to finish that bottom left corner. The debate was to use the remaining 3 gray pieces or to try to make this one like the rest. We decided to try to make it the same as all the others. I had some light gray left to use and the plan was to piece the red together after trimming the bottom flat. It was decided but it sat and waited for it's turn after my conference.

Yet, yesterday while finishing up some mugrugs, I found enough of the red to make one more. Woohoo!! The block is done and I'll stitch it on when I've had my fill of conference prep.

I also received a squishy in today's mail - all the way from London.
London, Ontario. Canada.
Hah - you thought I got something from across the pond...

I think I might do mine in batiks as well...

Nope - it's a set of papers and templates for a new hexie project called Castor and Pollux that Cathy is able to produce with her own laser. Cathy was able to use the 3/8" seam allowances I like on my templates and the papers are sturdy cardstock. I'm waiting to see what else she has to offer!

The cost of shipping is more than we are used to in the US but the exchange rate on the dollar more than makes up for it.

If I organized it, would you like to make a temperature quilt using EPP? For those that don't know... these started as afghans where the daily high was compared to a predetermined chart which correlated the temp into yarn color for that days row on the afghan. The afghan is a memento of the year's weather. If you guys are interested, I can work out the details for the next HeLP...

And now it's your turn to share - what hexie projects are you working on?
Is it new or has it sat for a while?
What's your favorite shape to stitch?
What shape are you avoiding?

Friday, April 14, 2017

Feline Friday - 4/14/17

You know it's been a long day gallivanting outside when I go to bed before Momma does!!


Monday, April 10, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 4/10/17

It was an excellent weekend!!

How could it not be when 5 miles under cloudless, sunny skies was done and dusted before 8am??!! Woohoo!! Weather and schedule permitting, my goal is to do the same every weekend. I'm telling you, not to gloat, but to need to hold myself accountable...

We even hit 73F yesterday which meant that the windows were open wide at Casa Grande while I cooked, baked and cleaned up a storm yesterday and this morning.

Maybe now it's safe to put the snow shovel away?

Zorro got up in the world on "his" new stool.

And I sewed my fingers to the bone. Yet, can you believe that I haven't touched a hexie in three days? Me either?!?!

23 name badge holders were finished.

And I've started prepping the next set of 20+. I certainly hope people want to buy these...at some point I'm going to saturate my "market" and I have no idea when that is going to be...

Next up: zipper bags and bookmarks.

Friday, April 07, 2017

Feline Friday - 4/7/17

Momma is STILL painting. Being sick isn't moving things along very quickly...

I thought the top of the mattresses would be a safe space...since there is still paint on my beauteous tail.

On the other hand, downstairs in my box is much safer. And warmer.

And just in case you wondered what Spring is like in Western New York...

It's rained enough this week to flood my entire back yard - and yes it's running from the Village park, through Larry's yard, then through Momma's mine and then down into Tina's yard.

Last night there was a lot more ponding before it turned to snow! Ick.

Again - you'll find me here:

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

The Bibliophile Files - 4/4/17

Hello! Hello! and welcome to another edition of The Bibliophile Files - my monthly report on the books I've finished.

Goodreads is getting depressing - telling me that I am now 6 books behind schedule to reach my goal. I am not getting discouraged tho as I finally got myself back to walking every day and that means I'll get through more audiobooks on my phone. I'm also in mass production mode, sewing for my conference, so that means more audiobooks on my stereo. It's felt good to be walking again and I'm sure I'll be saying the same about being back in my quilt lab.

     Gone - a new to me series. The fun part is that it seems to link to the Doc Ford series.
     After You - not nearly as good as it's predecessor
     Most Dangerous: Daniel Ellsberg & the Secret History of the Vietnam War - it took me months to finish this book. There's nothing wrong with it - I learned a lot - t's just not my usual book genre
     A Perfect Square
     Echo Park - another new to me series - I'll be going back to the beginning now. LOL.

     on my iPhone - The Omnivore's Dilemma - this is another on of those free books that is not really my genre. Luckily I seem to be getting through it pretty quickly because so far it seems that the topic could be covered in half the space it's taking.
     on my stereo - Book, Line & Sinker

And now it's YOUR turn!
What have you read recently? Anything goes - novel, magazine, quilt pattern/book or cereal box...Do share!!!!

Monday, April 03, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 4/3/17

My weekend was pretty much a juggling act - I tried to get a lot done on a lot of projects but only ended up getting some done on some projects. LOL.

I'm still working on renovating my bedroom. Saturday was paint the trim white day - that included door/window frames, crown molding and baseboards. Don't worry - I had snoopervision. He really gets in to his work!

I apologize for the fuzzy photo but someone doesn't like his tail held. And that's why you don't get to see the second, thicker coat he later applied. Poor Zorro!

On Sunday, Ryan invited me for a play date. How I even imagined I could keep up with a 9 year old when I've had a very lazy winter is beyond me. Having signed up for a 5K (walk - I don't run!!) at the end of May, I started my morning early with a 5K walk. Ryan and I then proceeded to run around the yard, play street hockey, use the trampoline for quite some time, test out his new birthday video games, learn how to use Tyler's hoverboard and too many other things to remember. I''m considering getting a new pair of roller blades just to prove to them that yes, Tortilla (my nickname-long story) CAN skate. Vegging on the couch for the evening was the wrong way to end Sunday as I can't move a back muscle today...

I had really hoped to finish this doll quilt before the weekend was over. I have enough fabric to make one more row of hexies for the bottom and then fill in the half hexies. I'm now hoping to have it done by next weekend so I can concentrate on other things.

And last but not least...I am in the process of mass producing name badge holders for my annual work conference. I've been given permission to set up a sales table during registration instead of dragging them around with me for several days. I love a target audience! I am also bringing my other quilted items to sell too. Once I get that doll quilt finished it will be all production all the time as I have just a few weeks left to sew, sew, sew. Luckily that also includes a few days off.

I'm tired, how about you?

Friday, March 31, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 3/27/17

For several reasons, I was pretty much a couch potato last week and ignored the pending painting in my bedroom. It seemed like a good time to start a project I had kitted up for later in the month. Oh well, there's still time to kit something else for my conferences.

The project started with the last 2 fat quarters of this cardinal fabric from a LQS - cardinals being my fav bird. I scrounged my Hexieology Pinterest board for ideas and found this one.  I liked it because it used the hexie thirds I had just finished using in my owl quilt. This would be the third project using various papers from the owl quilt. I like getting my money's worth :)

I had spent an evening fussy cutting from the 3 coordinated fat quarters and set it aside for one of my upcoming trips. Well, I had to make a practice hexie. I am sure you can understand.

After things went south I spent most of the weekend on the couch and out came the new project. After that it has been strictly an obsession to see it progress.

I did have snoopervision. Z spent 88 minutes sitting next to me. You may think it's funny that I tracked it but I can count on one hand the number of times that Z has sat with or on me in the last 3 years. The boys may not have gotten along very well but Z spent a week being cuddly and not eating much. Don't worry tho, he's back to his old antics and wanting to eat more than his share.

I had intended to make the quilt with the red thirds on the bottom but after emailing with my highly paid (cough!) consultant, we decided it should be rotated. In the end, no one will ever think of the other layout options and I'm happy with the 3D effect.

I was able to cut out enough thirds from the three FQs to make 41 hexagons. I plan to add another row to the right and then I'll extend the length and need to fill in the top and bottom to get this to the "proper" doll quilt size. I *think* I'll have enough fabric.

Can you believe my mother thought I had enough doll quilts? I. Don't. Think. So.

BTW - Don't forget to check Denise's post today. My  consultation "'enabled" her to order papers and start her own project. I told her she has no excuses when it's time to link to the next HeLP ...

Friday, March 24, 2017

Feline Friday - 3/24/17

RIP Little Boy Bleu!

You weren't at Casa Grande long but you will be greatly missed

"Bleu"     "Fluffernutter"     "Mr Fluffers"     "Little Buddy"

2010? - 3/18/17
Gotcha Day: September 2016

Friday, March 17, 2017

Feline Friday - 3/17/17

There are lots of photos to share for Feline Friday and HeLP today so Mommma separated the posts, altho they will share one linky party. Be sure to check out HeLP HERE!

On Sunday, Momma put me on the ottoman with my brother. What was she thinking?

Zorro! Really? In front of the camera? You've got NO class!!

Monday morning Momma used the pillowcase trick to get me in to the PTU. How did I fall for that one again??!! She said I was breathing too fast.

There was no end of indignities at the Vet, including checking my rear tem-purrr-ature and Xrays.

BTW - They matched the tile to my furs. How nice!!

The lady doctor  gave me an anti-inflamatory shot and thought I would improve quickly.
Sadly I was much worse the next day. I stopped eating after the vet appointment and my breathing got very labored.

On Wednesday, Momma took me to work before and after another appointment. She set a stool right next to her chair with a pillowcase that smelled like Momma.

But I chose to sit in my Prisoner Transport Unit.

The lady doctor took another xray and a CBC blood test. Her best guess is that I have asthma. Supposedly kitties get it in the winter and the drywall dust from bedroom renovations probably didn't help. I have prednisone pills to take for 10 days but I don't like taking them. I'm quite lethargic and I'm still not eating despite Momma's best efforts. I've lost nearly a pound this week.

Momma put me on the tables today to offer treats.
No thanks.

Momma called the lady again this morning about me still not eating despite the appetite enhancer I was administered on Wednesday. The lady suggested chicken flavored baby food.

I. am. not. a. baby. I'm 7!!

She forced some in my mouth at lunch today and I only gummed half of it back out on to my furs (she's threatening a bib before she forces more on me for dinner) but it tastes ok. I'll consider more for dinner altho I hear she also bought turkey flavor too...

HeLP for Hexie-aholics - 3/17/17

There are lots of photos to share for Feline Friday and HeLP today so I've separated the posts, altho they will share one linky party. Be sure to check out Feline Friday HERE!

On Sunday at ~8pm I put the last stitch into my owl quilt!!! Woohooo!!!!!!

I attempted to take some photos of the top last night (it is daylight until after 7pm!) but it was still too windy from this week's snow storm.

Good Morning Sunshine!

I spray basted the top to the batting last night.

And spray basted the back this morning.

I was trying to use just the fabric leftovers from the quilt so while I had planned an extra 2" on each side of the quilt, I actually cut it much closer than that. The light colored fabric above is the owl fabric that I fussy cut for center of each of the rose stars in the quilt.

The quilt finished at 72" x 75"

Meet Lola - my neighbor's dog. 

I meant to count the number of pieces in the quilt but forgot - I'll have to add that Monday...

And  now, it's your turn to share a project for our Linky Party. What hexie projects have you been working on or planning to work on???! Do Share!!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

It's been one of those weeks...

Between tending to a sick kitty...

... and cleaning and cooking for a dinner party for 15 at my house last night there hasn't been much sewing going on here at Casa Grande.

I'm afraid the best I can show you is a little tatting. This is the start of Renulek's Spring 2017 doily. A new round is posted every week or so with #5 posted yesterday. I'm about to finish round 2.

The party is now over and I have exciting news to share tomorrow for HeLP so I expect to catch up on the doily soon.

Sick kitty is not going to be so easy...keep us in your prayers!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Feline Friday - 3/10/17

Pretty much since that Introoder moved in to my house, I stopped sleeping with Momma in her bed.

When she started sleeping on the couch during bedroom renovations I teased her once or twice by sleeping at her feet while Bleu slept **on** her chest. And let me tell you, that boy is a chunker!! I was waiting for see if I was gonna have to save Momma when she started gasping for air.

This week I have slept at her feet every night. She is so excited she may never sleep in the bed again. She keeps asking how I can manage sleeping near the Introoder on the couch but not on the much bigger bed? I dunno. I just decided and made it so.

Last night I tried to see if I could push her over the edge and I almost did! When Momma came home from work she headed straight towards that crazy owl quilt instead of painting the bedroom. Well if she can do goofy things, then so can I! I headed straight for that couch and took a nap. Yipp. Right there were she could see me and everything. I even let her hold my paw when she took a break from stitching.

I would bet you a whole bag of kibble she's hoping I'll do that again tonight...

Tuesday, March 07, 2017

The Bibliophile Files - 3/7/17

Hello and Welcome to my monthly book report!!

Goodreads says I'm quite behind in my reading this month - having finished only 11 of my goal of 90 books. I think it's best (easiest?!) to blame my lack of reading on my obsession with finishing the owl quilt as hexies are more of a TV activity for me, instead of audiobooks. Since the quilt is this close to being done and I need to get back to my studio to make name badge holders for a late April conference, I hope to have a better report next month.

     Due or Die
     Ready to Die - ummmm, I'mm sensing a DIE theme...
     In a Dark, Dark Wood - lots of great twists!

     on my iPhone - Most Dangerous - not my typical who dunnit so this seems (and is) taking forever
     on my stereo - Flashback - from one of my fav series as they take place in different National Parks. I particularly like this book as I have been to Ft Jefferson in the Dry Tortugas.

And now it's your turn to let us know what you've read recently. Anything counts be it novel, magazine, quilt pattern book or cereal box.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 3/6/17

Can you taste it yet?
I certainly can!

What am I possibly talking about? Well I can taste finishing this quilt...

I've got probably 13 half-hexies to finish attaching and then I need to attach the top border to the mothership. Then this baby will be in the finished pile. Woot Woot!

I've got half the half-hexies sewn in to the top and bottom borders.
The top border isn't attached to the quilt yet so when my back gives out from
painting ceilings and sitting at the table to work on the mothership, I can move to
the couch to work on the border.

Funny how the parts of the quilt sans papers lay so much flatter.

The models are not sure if they are friend or foe at the moment.
This may or may not have something to do with the 'nip fest last night...

I've removed the papers from the sides to reduce the weight of the quilt.
I think I'm going to wait to trim the sides straight until after it's been quilted.
I'm also removing the papers from the top and the bottom as I fill in the half-hexies.