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Monday, January 15, 2007

4 down, 60 to go…

This is a project I really started several years ago. I’ve been sewing since I was 10 or so but when I started quilting I didn’t know all the quilting techniques, such as paper piecing, and just stitched the strips together. Also at that time, I had no concept of how many other quilts I would want to make regardless of just how many large quilts I can actually use. As the original log cabin blocks were nowhere near square, I squirreled them away in my “in-progress” drawers until today, when I finally had the guts to toss them. I’ve since learned paper piecing and have fully realized I love the opportunities of making minis. I re-started the blocks (originally 9”) as 3” blocks and will end up with a 24” square quilt. I can't wait to finally see my design come together!

Also, since I had originally cut enough strips for a large quilt. I may continue to make more blocks and see what other layouts I can come up with. I saw a windmill layout today that looked interesting...

And here’s dinner – Wasabi Crusted Salmon. The original recipe was for hors d'oeuvres on crusty bread with cucumber slices. The picture doesn’t do justice to the meal nor did the meal end up as pretty as on the TV show where I got the recipe. It makes no difference because this recipe is easy and a keeper. It’s essentially crushed wasabi peas pressed into salmon and then pan-fried. Don’t worry, cooking turns down the heat of wasabi peas. I placed the salmon on a bed of egg noodles and left over spinach and then it’s topped with more crushed peas and a sesame aioli. Yum!

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