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Thursday, April 15, 2010

First Garden Harvest of the Year

Yup - you read that right - I harvested my veggie garden this morning and look what I got! ;)
There's a few rogue onions I found but the rest are plants that I bought or were given with no place to plant them before the fall frost. Ignoring the green pot in the back (last year's leftovers), from the left:
  • big round pot is a turk's cap lily which has yet to sprout
  • larger square pot is a yellow wood poppy
  • 2 small square pots are mini green eyes hosta and small rasberry sorbet hosta
  • 2 small round pots are hostas from Michele
  • large round pot kinda in the back is my giant Sum & Substance hosta - this baby will eventually be up to 31 inches high and 70 inches wide and I can't wait!
  • root bound iris' from Paul's fish ponds

I think most of these will go on the side of the house when I get the sod pulled up and create a garden bed. In the meantime, the tractor guy will be coming soon to till the veggie garden. It's been warm out but not enough to plant veggies yet...

I love when the trees are this lime green color in the spring:

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Your Librarian said...

Your pear tree looked beautiful this morning!