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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Putzing and begging

There hasn't been much meaningful time in the CasaGrande studio lately - too many other activities that need attention. You know, like laundry, mowing, meetings, melting in the heat, garden sitting and making sure the hammock is positioned correctly under the maple tree for reading!

I've putzed with 2.5" neutral and purple strips to begin a "Red Rover." Turns out I don't have as many purple fabrics as I thought...how did that happen? I have two drawers of just neutrals FQs so there is lots of variety there. I think it was Bonnie that got me hooked on neutrals and they are about the only FQ that I regularly buy without a specific purchase. It's fun to look for new and different fabrics or more of a fav that is just about gone.

I've also been putzing with my Omigosh quilt - as you can see my box is pretty full. I've sewed together strip sets and started to subcut them but need to make some room in the box for them so I've also been pinning together subsets until I used all my pins. Subutting. I have tomorrow off so maybe I can actually get something substantial done. It's supposed to rain so it will be nice to stay inside with the pitter patter of the rain through the open windows.

OK, so here comes the begging...anyone want to send/trade 2.5" purple strips or any-color 1" strips? My friend Val already gives me her 1" strips and it has added a lot of variety to my Omigosh but I'll need close to 1,000 tiny 9- and 4-patches so this is a long term project that just begs for variety. Would a cutie kittie change your mind?    TIA.


Erin the Librarian said...

I have all that extra purple princess fabric if you want ...let me know

Quilter Kathy said...

What a fabulous project! I would be happy to send you some strips...what do you need? Email me your address