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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Not so wordless Wednesday

As much as I had planned to get up this morning and take photos of the flowers starting to pop up around my gardens, the grand T&L storm overnight brought in thick fog and yucky gray skies.

It was 68F yesterday but only 44F today. It's definitly spring weather. You can smell it too. I'm not referring to the refreshing smell of a Spring rain if you country kids know what I mean!

Day lillies are at least 3x as big as last Wednesday. I cleaned out the leaves last night which just reminds me again it's too late to transplant some of them back to the middle. When the weather clears up again I'll clean the flower bed behind this one - it already has flowers coming up but I can't remember what one of them is :^(

I wish the crocuses lasted longer - they are such a pretty little spot of color.
Someone told me that crocuses must be snowed on 3 times before it's officially Spring - not sure if that is the 3 days it snowed last week or if it needs to be 3 different incidents...

I'm surprised the snowdrops are doing so well - they have been buried in snow several times.
How are your gardens shaping up?


Janet O. said...

My daffodils opened up over the weekend in our 60+ temps, and then got snow and ice Tuesday. They are still looking pretty droopy.

Ladyquiltsalot said...

My garden is just beginning to show up, we still have lots of snow left and the yard that is exposed is really soggy, too soggy to do a walkabout yet!

Anonymous said...

I have some snowdrops and hyacinths - the daffodils are just beginning to bloom. Your flowers look so pretty.