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Monday, May 04, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 5/4/15

May the Fourth be with you!!  Sorry, couldn't resist...Star Wars joke...LOL!

It was a busy weekend at Casa Grande - part of it spent outside in the great outdoors, digging in my delightful clay yard. Yeah, not as much fun as I'm trying to make it sound but it felt good to make some  progress on the gardens. I'm a very finicky gardener --> the weather had to be just right (not too hot or cold) because I could be inside sewing!! I cleaned up a hosta//lily/solomon's seal bed, changed out some rock borders, trimmed all 4 clematis and weeded an area that will finally be completed as a flower bed this year. I had music playing, the weather was warm, there were no bugs yet and Zorro was snoopervising! Of course, today I am stiff and my fingers are torn up since I don't like gloves but I feel "good" if you know what I mean. There is still plenty more to do - maybe once I get it sorta presentable I will share photos...We are still at the "don't look yet" stage.

I still was able to get a bit of sewing accomplished.

Goodness! My ironing board cover needs a good bath!

As you might recall, I'm making Bonnie's Blue Ridge Beauty in red and whites. I have not really been making a certain number of blocks, even though at last count I needed 24 more for my original plan. I was considering making it a bit bigger and that will work out fine since I just make 4-patches and HSTs and see how many blocks I can get. I'm gonna guess these piles have somewhere between 30 and 40 blocks and I still have a pile of 4-patches w/out HSTs. I will be attending another Bonnie class in just 33 days and I would really like to get this top done for show-n-tell. That translates into I best get my act in gear!!

The yellow is what is already attached or has the darker middle sashing on it already.
Rosette #4 in the upper left is at home so I can add the rest of the dark sashing and attach it to #4.
Rosette #10 on the middle right is at work so I can add the inner/light sashing this week. Next week I'll finish the outer sashing so I can join it to #3 and the "mother ship". I'm looking forward to sharing the mother ship at our next HeLP.

I also worked on my Value Proposition project in dribs and drabs. I actually have one block at work to add the light sashing and another at home to add the dark sashing. As soon as this post is finished I'm going to spend the rest of my lunch in my car with my windows open, my hexies and an audiobook so I can enjoy the weather - it's currently 78F!! If only I could figure out how to walk and hexie at the same time...

And just for your personal amusement, this Christmas Cactus is blossoming again! I had one that blossomed for Halloween, Christmas and Easter. Not sure what I'm doing right but I'm not going to change a thing and see if they'll blossom again in a couple months.

See all y'all tomorrow for Bibliophile Files!


Terri said...

May the fourth be with you too.LOL

Janet O. said...

I think our ironing board covers are related! Same complexions. : )
You sounds like my kind of gardener. I should be out today working, but I am having back issues, so, darn, I guess I'll have to sew.
Looks like you are getting plenty of that done, too.
Maybe your Christmas Cactus is starting to think it is an African Violet, too. Do you have them anywhere near each other?

AnnieO said...

Love the reds! I can't seem to make myself get into the garden. Everything is utterly dry here with the drought so new plants don't seem possible. Have fun with the hexies.

Missy Shay said...

I always forget to wear gloves also.

Karen H said...

I'm not a glove kind of girl and always end up paying for it! It feels so good to side down and do a little sewing after physical labour.