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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Workin' Wednesday!

With a little "free time" last night, this morning and tonight, I'm working on making some zipper bags. Over the weekend I had pre-cut several of them and sorted them on the table by sizes.

Yes, Zorro ended up with the "large" sticky note stuck to his britches.
Funny for me but he didn't appreciate me retrieving it. LOL.

Here you can see my quality control officer holding all the bits in place. Lucky me =^..^=
I'm sure the CQO will clear his schedule to snoopervise me making catnip toys this weekend...

Can you tell the two on the left use band aid fabric and the pin dot matches the bandaid dots?
Aren't I just so clever?!
I'm hoping people will make them into mini first aid kits...

It took a while to get my mojo in order but now that I'm in the groove it think I can get them finished much faster.


Vroomans' Quilts said...

I had a good laugh - sticky not butt. Moe got into one of the sticky mouse pads yesterday - not fun for me or him in that removal. Love the banaid fabric and would make nice little purse carry first aid kits.

Janet O. said...

Zorro is so helpful. How would you function without him?
Love, love the little bandaid bags. If they don't all sell, I want to buy one--or two. Keep me in mind, okay?

Jo said...

Those bags are cool. Your cat doesn't want you to work on them. Haha

Ruth said...

What a helpful kitty! Does he try to get into the bags?

margaret said...

pretty and practical too can I have some of your mojo please