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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Red sky at night…sailor’s delight

That was what my grandmother would say when “predicting” the weather for the next day. Of course, the opposite phrase was “red sky in the morning…sailors take warning.” I’m pleased as punch to say that today was a delight and if the phrase holds true so will tomorrow.

This morning I rose early to a brisk 39 degrees – not so bad in February, given the storms racking the northeast BUT I don’t live anywhere near the north. Miamians can't handle this yummy turn of the weather: I stopped at Einstein’s this morning and saw people with 3 or 4 layers of clothes compared to my one layered uniform shirt and jeans – yipper, I’m a Yankee thru and thru. Now this is not to say that the patio door was closed nor will it be closed tonight when we expect the same temperatures. As I was saying…the clear skies and vibrant sunset predict another cool night followed by a Sunday.

Sorry, no photos – I spent too much time enjoying the cats curled up on quilts this morning or watching tonight’s sunset to even think of grabbing a camera.

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