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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunrise at the Lighthouse

Yesterday morning I brought some photog friends into the Cape Florida State Park before it opened for sunrise at the lighthouse. The sunrise and the weather were both perfect. I know the guys took some wonderful photos and while I got a few, I really enjoyed the quietness…just the waves, the birds and the view. As soon as the park and then the lighthouse opened to the public, the noise level rose considerably, especially when ~20 rambunctious cub scouts came rambling thru!

I also saw the trifecta – 2 jumping stingrays, a manatee and a dolphin. The 4 of us had started the day with breakfast at the tiny local diner and later had lunch at the park cafĂ©. After giving my weekly LH tours I went home and crashed! I may be a morning person but my morning doesn't usually start at 4:30.

It appears my hard drive is full so I can’t Photoshop or re-size the photos I’d like to share but I will do so ASAP and then post them. I’m off to sew more log cabins and then I have to work on my quilt university homework…

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