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Friday, November 13, 2009


Yup, that's me and it has nothing to do with today being Friday the 13th. I'm actually in the process of "starting" THREE new quilts.
The first is going to take me a lifetime and I actually started cutting the fabrics some time ago. The Pattern is Omigosh! by Quakertown Quilts, Inc and after seeing one of the quilts in person at the LQS, the name fits. Most of the blocks are one inch strips made into 9 and 4 patches plus half-square triangles of slightly larger stips. Told you I was crazy, right!? My plan of attack is that whenever I trim scraps into strips, I have a box labled OMG and all the 1" stips go there. I've just started sewing 2 and 3 strips together and then subcutting them into 1 inch pieces. Someday when I have a better mix, I'll sew the subcuts into 9 and 4 patches.
The other quilt I started needs to be done in 429 days. I've decided to copy Tazzie and make a Turning 4-T quilt. It uses the Temperance T block - these were generally done in blue and white but with green one of my fav colors, my blocks will be green with a mix of neutral backgrounds. Not sure how many of these 9" blocks I will make because 10 blocks of 4Ts will be small but 40 blocks would be huge. This picture proves that this isn't my best work - the block isn't square. Uh, I'll have to find something to blame that on but in the meantime I promise the other blocks will come out better once I start assembly line stitching them with the various feet and gadgets that I think will help with this block. The geese are much easier thanks to a quickie method that makes 4 geese at once.
The third quilt about to be started is Carolina Christmas by Bonnie as noted below. I'm still leaning towards patriotic colors since I already have lots of blue and cream 2.5" strips cut.

I have so many UFO's already but sometimes you just have to be crazy enough to "just do it"!

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