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Monday, November 16, 2009


So...what do a bunch of rednecks do on a Saturday night 2 weeks before Thanksgiving? Well, of course, they go to a turkey raffle. What? You've never been to a Turkey Raffle? Oh the fun, the disappointment and, for some, the food and libations.

This particular Turkey Raffle is sponsored each year by SSFD. There is no entrance fee and you can come and go during the 3+ hour raffle. Food, pop and beer are available at reasonable prices but I also saw a table decked with a feast. I told you this was an EVENT, right?

I think about 60 tickets are sold (at a whopping 25 cents each) per bird to be raffled and the wheel is spun to find the winning number. There were also a few 50 cent raffles on bigger birds and hams as well as 50/50 raffles and another special raffle on a "box of booze." Yup we can live it up in the sticks :)

Dad and I each came home with a 10 lb turkey. Between food and raffles, my bird cost $11. Yeh, I know it's more than the current supermarket price but it benefitted the fire department that works closest with mine and it was fun. The sad part was our little lucky charm was home sick. He loves this raffle so you know he didn't feel good when he said he "better not go." Now if I just don't get sick all will be well. They all have different illnesses but my mother, brother and both nephews are all sick. Where's my hand cleanser???

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