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Monday, November 08, 2010

Design Wall Monday - 11/8/2010

Woohoo! School tax collection is pretty much over – just piddly little changes and boxing everything up when we are sure it’s done. This means that I can get back to sewing more and posting more!

The best news is that we now have a truly LQS - The Quilter's Daughter - it’s just a couple miles from my office and while that can be trouble, it also means that I can teach quilting classes to offset most of my purchases!! They are working on their website but I will post it as soon as it’s online.

My first class will be in a couple weeks on making the windmill table runners that I am addicted to. In January I’ll be making a table topper. Did you notice the same trend I did??!! Someone called me the tablerunner queen and it seems to continue...

I started by making these 4 blue and purple blocks from a pattern in the latest Quiltmaker magazine just to see how easy the pattern was. They are sewwww easy and just 2 FQs! Claudia saw them and wanted me to teach a class so I’ll be adding a flange with the dark purple pictured and a scalloped border of the dark blue. It will finish around 25” square. To make sure that we could complete all or most of the topper in a 3 hour class, I have started a second one and I’m timing myself. The colors seem to have more contrast at home so I hope that contrast eventually transfers to the final product, if not in the pictures.

Then, at a recent quilt show I found this fireman fabric. Really, who could resist and I only bought a yard. I’m making these red white and blue blocks and will somehow fashion those blocks around the fireman. I had originally thought of putting them on the back but that’s no fun. And no, I’m not cutting them up – they will serve as a “panel.” This baby is for my bed  ;)


Nina-Marie said...

I remember we found this fireman fabric at quilt conference and brought it back to the room for all the ladies to enjoy- OMG we just laughed and laughed - it was so worth the 2 bucks for the fq!! See you never know what's going to tickle a room full of menopausal women!!!

Denise :) said...

The fireman fabric is a hoot! At our last quilt show we did a display of "It's Not Your Mother's Apron" aprons. One of our charter members (and consequently, one of our oldest members) made her apron using this fabric! It was awesome! :)

Quilter Kathy said...

Love that fireman fabric...enjoy!
I loved making those arrowhead blocks too!