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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sweet Potato Pie

I didn’t win any official prizes at Chocolate in the Stacks yesterday but I did come home with two containers of extra chocolate treats and 2 bottles of wine. Not a bad way to finish Black Monday Valentine’s Day!

Hmm...that's an interesting seque into today's UFO blocks...I swear I was NOT drunk when I was working on these :) I haven't even opened those bottles yet...because...I picked up season two of Deadliest Catch while I was at the library!

I started these drunkard's path blocks based on the magazine patterrn shown in the background and the little templates that I already had. It seems to work best if I cut a 4" strip of the chosen fabric and then cut out the shapes I need. I'm saving the left over strip pieces to make the scalloped pie border. My blocks are much smaller than the magazine called for so I have no idea how many I will need. I might stop when I finally get truly sick of the curved piecing or when I decide I no longer want to look for more gold and brown fabrics (each is only used in one block and the border). But hey, who can turn down good gold and brown fabrics?

I think I probably got sick of these blocks before when I was having trouble with the curved edges. After doing the blendable curves that have convex and concave curves in each block, these seem much easier. I've used up all the pieces I had cut before this was put away. I'll need to check the stash to see if there are some other fabrics I can add...otherwise it may go back into storage.

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Mary-Kay said...

I have a quilt that I cut out using those templates. Maybe I should finish it. I really like all the browns you're using. Seeing as brown isn't a colour I usually buy, lately I've been looking at all the browns in the quilt shop. Sometimes there's lots of brown and when I'm looking for a specific brown, there isn't any. Must be a popular colour.