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Thursday, February 24, 2011

UFO Thursday

Remember the Sweet Potato Pie (drunkards path) blocks I pulled out recently? Well, I also pulled out some more browns and golds to continue making blocks. I have twice as many new golds to use as browns so I'll need to look for some FQs the next few times I am at a quilt store. I'm not in any hurry to get this done so I'll just buy a brown here and there. After making blocks with the new fabrics, I'll have 40 blocks and that should be more than sufficient. Each block finishes at 7" so it would make a nice couch size cuddle quilt with some fancy borders.

I’m still plugging away on my blendable curves class sample. About another 37 minutes and I’ll have all the curved blocks together. Then I just need to square them up. I don’t normally square blocks but these babies really need it due to all the curves and bias edges. I’ve noticed while working on this quilt that it’s a little small and I finally figured out why! I made the first 2 blocks for my own good after borrowing the book. I just wanted to have a sample of the technique. Then the LQS asked me to teach a class so I just continued with what I had started. I used already cut 2" strips for my first sample whereas the pattern calls for 3" strips. Well, duh! I know a couple outside borders will do some good but I also thought maybe I could add an interior border like on this other UFO to the right. The off-center blocks are very similar to my current project but I might have to make a few more blocks. I'll work on layouts for the rest of the week/end so hopefully I can make a quick decision.

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