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Friday, July 08, 2011

Feline Friday - 7/8/11

What's a furball to do when it's HOT and there's no AC? Lounge and be lazy, of course!

This spot looks like it would be even hotter in the sun but it's Pepper's favorite spot and there was a breeze coming thru the windows - I know cuz I layed on the floor with him for some belly time :)

I really don't know how these crazy poses help with the heat but I have never seen them before this past weekend. And why in heaven's name Cali would want to be cuddled up in the fake fur cover but she likes it and she was definitely a lazy girl.

And little Midgie? She was curled up in her favorite corner of the couch - no funny poses, just the daily status quo with that grumpy little look cuz I didn't give her tons of snack kibbies.


Denise :) said...

What sweet little furry faces -- and bellies! Happy Friday! :)

Janet O. said...

Thanks for the smiles this morning!