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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Ok, so it's really only Thursday but I have Fridays off in the summer so today is my Friday and it's perfect timing because, while the day started out ok, it went downhill fast when I had to deal with this:

Yup - I had a flat tire before work. Unfortunately the lug nuts were rusty and we had last put them on with the air hose so I had to call Daddy for a little extra muscle. Then the wheel was rusted on so we had to find something to hit the wheel repeatedly to loosen it. And then the donut was flat so he had to drive home to add some air. Guess what I'm buying tomorrow? Yup, 2 new front tires. I was hoping they would last until it was time to put the snow tires back on but I guess not...

I finally got to work 45 minutes late and the customers and projects didn't let up until part way into lunch. I need some time to destress cuz I have so much to do this afternoon at work and sew much to do this evening after Zumba and library stuff that I am going to crash hard when I get a chance to breath.

Like I said - TGIF!!

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Janet O. said...

Sometimes it is just hard to recover after a start like that to your day. I wish you well!