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Monday, August 08, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 8/8/11

Today's post will be brief as I need to spend my lunch hour working on binding.

I have completed quilting the arrowhead blocks and machine sewn on the binding. As of this morning I have half the binding hand sewn. I still need to quilt the firemen in the center but my goal this weekend was to make it "portable" since I can do binding during lunches and before meetings the next 2 nights. I worked on it for several hours yesterday at an outdoor event called "The Pioneer Picnic" - it was quite warm to have a huge quilt in my lap but the music was great. I am not really enjoying stitching the black binding as I knew I wouldn't, but it looks great with the inner black border.

I neglected to take a picture of the quilt opened up this morning so you'll need to accept this picture of the Quality Control Officer, Pepper, checking it out. And yes, he also sat one end WHILE I was binding the other :)


Janet O. said...

Nice to know someone(?) takes their responsibility seriously!

Denise :) said...

Sounds like a fun event -- good thing you've got your trusty QC cat helping you out! LOL! :)

SubeeSews said...

I bind from right to left. Kinda a hidden stitch in the fold of the binding then a good strong stitch in the backing/batting.

I have a quality control inspector too. She lays on the left side of me UNDERNEATH the quilt I am working on. Ocassionally she tries to eat the thread. That is what she is after. She had to have belly surgery after eating 2 quilting needles with thread. She has not learned...she will die some day from thread.