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Monday, October 17, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 10/17/11

This Saturday we are having Jelly Roll Races at my LQS and I started making the "place ribbons" this weekend. You know: first, second, third is blue, red, white.

maybe I should clean all the little strings from my design wall?!
I've got the hexies done for the rosette part. I am thinking of stitching some tails to hang from the bottom but I would love to hear if you have any other suggestions.

Should I make a ruffle like these that I found online? Or just make a backing? I could put a fancy button in the middle of the hexie rosette.

I don't have the satin ribbons to add. I could hand write wording on a muslin tail or just hang 2 or 3 tails.

Any ideas would be welcome! What would you like to recieve, even if you weren't expecting a prize?


Denise :) said...

Sarah, how cute these are!! I like the idea of several tails. The more the merrier. Does that principle apply here?!?! :)

Chris said...

I think you could make three tails. The outer ones in the same colors as the hexie flower and the center tail in muslin with the "1st Place" etc written on it. A ruffle would be cute too but maybe not necessary.

Brita said...

How cute is that! Go, go, go -- the jelly roll races are such fun!!!

Janet O. said...

The hexies are such a cute ribbon idea! I like the ruffle look, but not required. Three tails make it look so important!
Buttons are a fun idea--I was just wondering if there are novelty buttons with numbers on them--1,2, and 3 for the different places so you wouldn't have to write on the tails. Or does anyone you know have an embroidery machine who could embroider the numbers on the tail. I think those numbered ribbons were at a dollar store I was in lately--do you have such a place near your work? Just thinking out loud here. Whatever you do will be great with the start you have already!

Janet O. said...

Just had another thought. How about writing the number on the tail with a glitter pen?

Michelle said...

Wow, so cool.