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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The "S" word

Yup - it's here - SNOW!! The temp has dropped almost 10 degrees since I got up and it's now a toasty 34F outside. I did break down and wear a winter coat this morning - but ONLY because I would have to walk to the post office at work :)  The snow is melting as fast as it falls but it's fun (on this first day only) to watch it out the windows.

Not such a great shot of the snow but it's dead on for the grey dreariness.

Google decided to clear all my unread Google Reader posts today. I was behind so it's a "relief" to not have to feel like I need to play catch up but who knows what I missed...

I guess I over estimated my hint giving capabilitites with yesterday's Wazzit post. I really thought someone would get half way close.

The 4 rectangles will make 2 luggage handle wraps. There was a finished one rolled up in the back left of the photo (and shown below). I've taken some pictures to do a tutorial next week. They are quick and easy for gifts and craft bazaars and they really do help find YOUR suitcase. I bought a green suitcase thinking no one else would have one but baggage pickup is usually so dark it's hard to tell mine from all the black suitcases.

What was I focusing on? The handle wrap is complelety out of focus


Janet O. said...

How clever! I have never seen such a thing, so no wonder I couldn't guess it. I saw the one in the background, but thought it looked like an eyeglass case or maybe a rotary cutter holder (but it did look too small for that), so I left no guess. I was stumped.
Good call on the winter coat--whether we like it or not, it isn't summer anymore. The only snow here now is on the mountain peaks, but our highs are in the 40s right now and overnight we are in the 20s. Should start warming up tomorrow.

Denise :) said...

LOL! Janet thought exactly like I did! And SNOW?!?!? I knew as soon as I saw "S Word" in your title, it was about snow. We've had rain today -- but not in the form of raindrops -- it's been raining acorns all dang day -- and it's windy so it isn't just one or two, here and there. It's like perpetual hail!! LOL! Enjoy your flurries! (And your luggage handle wraps are a great idea!!)