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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Chop Chop Chop

I thought I would show you some of the fabric cutting that's been going on here at CasaGrande but I was feeling a little ADHD taking pictures for this post...

I've been cutting bricks from my collection of 1930's for a lattice quilt. I won't won't have pictures of the sewing for quite a while because I still have considerable cutting to do. After the bricks are done, I'll also need to cut squares from that solid purple as well.

I've made some progress on my itty bitty twister. You can see how much it shrinks from the original thru the cutting with the tiny template and on to when the seams are sewn. I am not enjoying these open seams. I like my seams flat flat flat and I just can't get these halfway flat. When I put the finished section up on my design wall I put it up front to the wall so it would stay attached - can you see how it sits up "above" the mat? This morning I sewed the 3 middle rows together.
While working on the itty bitty quilt and some bazaar items, I decided I needed another leader/ender project. I had saved a photo of a quilt online that used 4 patches and 16 patches, hence, my working title for this quilt is "4 + 16". Thought provoking, no?  I can't find the link right now but I plan to post more info on the quilt Thursday and I'll have the link then. I have a lot of blue in my strip bins from making a little boy quilt some time ago so I probably won't need to cut any more 2.5" strips but I will need more 1.5" strips since I designed a pieced border in EQ7. It looks great on the screen but it will take considerable cutting, sewing, subcutting and resewing :)

As I dig thru the recesses of my stash to find "new" fabrics, I also find more selvages. You may recall that I have also been gifted some selvages recently. I pressed them all this morning and I hope to cut the 7" sections I need tonight.

This pile is to be cut for making swags for the Bazaar...some of those fabrics I've been "saving" for who knows what. I'm happy to have found a reason to cut into them! It's hard to see but the top left fabric under the pink bias tape has lingerie and then some matching blue and pink batiks in the baggie. Wouldn't that be cute in the laundry room?

Oh wait...let's not forget that cutting fabric for projects means there is also a pile of scraps to cut to size for the scrap bins :)
I certainly have my work cut out for me. Oi, didn't mean for the pun but it's there so I'll leave it.
Happy Tuesday!


Jen said...

You've been a busy little bee! It all looks so fun!

Janet O. said...

Sometimes when I have so many things to cut (like you seem to here) I just walk away from the whole thing. I can't focus in on one project long enough to get anything done. Good luck with all you are hoping to get done. : )

Connie said...

Looks like you are busy and having fun! I always enjoy cutting out fabric. Your Lil Twister is looking great! Thanks for sharing!
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quilt32 said...

I'm tired just reading about this. I think I'm going to like the quilt with the 30s fabric.

Me and My Stitches said...

Now that's a lot of projects! It seems that one thing always leads to another. Love your twister!

Denise :) said...

Gosh -- I have always thought I wanted to do a little twister, seeing the finished piece. I've never seen the "process" before...I think I've changed my mind!! LOL!! Yours looks GREAT! :)

Elly D said...

Love your Lil Twister quilt. I'm working on a small one at the moment. It is a lot of fun. You do have a lot of projects on the go too. It's nice to have company ;)