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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Arrowheads and Tea

It's nearly the summer marching season and I should be thinking about fitting into my fireman's uniform after a lazy winter and no more Zumba classes but who could resist making a quick run to Sweet Sarah's for a Heath Flurrie on this warm and sunny day?! I really do need to talk to Sarah about selling some of my things in her evergrowing gift shop...but I keep stalling for some unknown reason.

This is the (large) doll quilt that I am donating to the library's American Girl tea party this weekend. The pattern is simple but that is exactly why I like it and I've made several over the last couple of years. This year's tea party theme is a garden party so I think the colors fit quite nicely. I'm looking forward to wearing my crazy straw hat decorated with large flowers :)

Not sure that I've mentioned it here before but I've also decided to make another quilt with these arrowhead blocks in only neutral fabrics, an absolute fav of mine. It was an idea that came to me laying in bed one morning looking at the RWB arrowhead quilt on my bed. I've got one block done and the others will probably only get done as I am cutting neutrals for various projects. Yet another long term project :) Did you expect anything less from me?


Janet O. said...

A Heath Flurrie sounds sooo tempting!
The doll quilt is very nice. Looks like a great, graphic block that comes together without too much stress. : )
Neutral quilts have only recently come to my attention and they are very subtle and vintage looking, I think. Love that!

ANudge said...

I really like your doll quilt. I've made a table runner with that block using Anita Grossman Solomon's technique. It goes to gether so fast. Thanks for linking!

Me and My Stitches said...

Yum - Heath is my fav - could you run one over?! I'm liking the neutrals too - Primitive Gatherings has a new pattern out with all neutrals - she was working on it when I was there and I really loved it.

Barbara said...

I really like this quilt.

quilt32 said...

I see a lot of things on the Sweet Sarah sign that I would like.

I'm glad you reminded me of the arrowhead block. I made a sample one and then forgot about it.

Michelle said...

Love the neutral block too!
The quilt is very nice.....I love that block , it's interesting.

Denise :) said...

How fun it would be to sell your things--Sarah's things--in Sweet Sarah's! You should *totally* do it! And I love the arrowhead block -- it's really one of my favorites. I have a half dozen that I did when that easy-peasy technique came out for doing them, in Christmas colors. I should do something with them! Fun, fun stuff! :)