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Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Itty Bitty Twistin' Needs Quiltin'

Happy May Day y'all!
This morning I attended the 119th annual May Day Breakfast at the church up the street from my house. I thought about going when I first woke up at 6:15 (it runs from 6 to 9am) but I just couldn't think about looking presentable that early so I waited an hour :)

Today I am looking for an opinion or three...
I finally finished my itty bitty twister quilt and now it needs quilting. The quilt has a lot of seams and it's pretty stiff, heavy and thick for it's size. The quilt will hang in the stand that Dad made for me and will probably be entered in the mini division at the county fair.

It needs pretty quilting but not dense quilting and I need ideas!! I am no good at stippling (go figure) but I am a confident free motion quilter. I could use a stencil to quilt a wreath over the whole quilt or I could go with some kind of overall FMQ design. I could just do some kind of cross hatching or straightline stitching but I am cautious to stitch in ditch because the seams are pressed open.

Oh and just so you have a sense of scale – this quilt is only 12”. Yes, each square is 1”.



Karen said...

It's tiny! - and very sweet, Sarah. I think if it were mine, I would quilt a feather,leafy vine, or a scroll in the light areas (wonky,to fit the space)and the same in the outer border. I'd pretty much leave the coloured squares alone, save outlining to make them stand up a bit.
Good luck!

Janet O. said...

The sample of this in a LQS is stitched in the ditch and it hangs in a little stand just beautifully. However, you probably want something fancier to enter in the fair. When I made mine I toyed with other options, but those seams were everywhere and I ultimately gave up and did the grid of straight lines in the ditch. I like the look, but you probably want something more amazing to enter the fair. I think a wreath would be beautiful, if you can keep your quilting smooth over all those seams! It is a very pretty little quilt. Good luck with your quilting.
Good for you for celebrating May Day! The little neighboring community to our west still has a May Day festival the first Saturday in May. They dance the Maypole, crown a May queen, have games and booths--the whole nine yards. DH loves to go--me, not so much. I usually end up standing for hours and come home with an aching back! : )

Denise :) said...

I have *no* idea how to go about quilting this, but it's GORGEOUS! I can't believe how tiny it is. WOW! You'll have to do a lil' twister tut before I'll ever consider trying one of these! LOL!!! :)

Connie said...

Looks great and love the size of it! Maybe just do some FMQ in the neutral parts?

quilt32 said...

I'm a very low level quilter so I can't offer any suggestions, but I love the quilt.

Patrica said...

I love your wreath idea. I personally don't have the skill to pull that off but I'm sure you can make it work.;D

Cyn ;-) said...

beautiful little quilt. I like your large wreath idea, but would probably do a 'vine/feather' thingy in the outside border. Not sure how much room you have. I think it is nice to combine soft curves with angular piecing. Good luck. Hope you will share with us what you decide.