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Friday, December 21, 2012

Feline Friday - 12/21/12

I didn't put up the big tree this year and decided to put all the bird ornaments on the tree in the quilt room. Pepper doesn't seem to mind, altho Squeaky can't hide under the bigger tree. You can see I still need to make a tree skirt...I'm waiting for the 40% off after Christmas sales because I was already gifted LQS gift certificates :)

On a sad note, someone hit the neighborhood stray last weekend. Given the road construction and how skittish (= fast) she was, I really have no idea how she got hit but I no longer have to worry about her in the cold. I also won't get to see her little paw prints in the snow. Since the neighborhood boys were not being nice to her right in front of several of us checking on her, I brought her home to my garden. RIP Bootsie.

Hopefully everyone else has had a good week preparing for the holidays. Only one more Feline Friday until the year is over...not sure how that happened?!

Merry Christmas from my Felines to yours!


Denise :) said...

I'm just going to throw some Christmas yardage around the bottom of our tree this year. LOL!! It's something that needs to be washed anyway. I'm sorry to hear about poor Bootsie. :(

Meowy Christmas to you and yours, too!!! :)

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Pepper looks like my grand kitties! Too bad about your neighborhood cat... I worry about the ones we see hanging around every so often. Merry Christmas!

Ruth said...

Cat looks like she's going to bat one of those ornaments any second now!

Connie said...

What a cutie.....I think she is wondering if she can climb that tree.....

Anonymous said...

It's such a perfect Christmas picture.

Sorry about Bootsie.


Janet O. said...

I hope you can still find a fabric you like for the tree skirt on the after Christmas sale. Our lqs has had the Christmas fabric 30% off for about a week. I saw one earlier that I liked, but restrained myself. Went in yesterday to get some and they had made two FQs out of the last 1/2 yard. Better than nothing.
Somebody is eyeing those bird ornaments with evil intent, seems to me. : )