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Friday, May 03, 2013

Feline Friday - 5/3/13

Can you see how green everything is?!
I am the Great White Hunter - OK, so only in my mind but Momma does call me White Kitty.

It's like this, there are 2 sunflower seed feeders on the side porch and those pesky squirrels (we call them the enemy) can climb up there, hang upside down on the feeders and make a mess, leaving nothing to watch on birdievision.

One day last summer Momma got the idea to get me all psyched up over the enemy so I would run outside when she opens the door and chase the enemy towards the big maple tree. Momma said she was hoping it would scare the enemy so they wouldn't ruin the feeders any more. And, remember, I used to be a feral feline...I used to catch lunch all the time.

We've tried it multiple times but the enemy always gets to the tree before I can. I can't figure out why cuz I know it has nothing to do with my girth - I can boogie when I need to. Just ask my brother, I catch him all the time.

OK, so chasing the enemy to scare them isn't the bestest idea, but it's still fun to chase them!!!

What do you guys like to chase?


Frances said...

It's a full-time job keeping the neighbours at bay here.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

I love seeing all that green! Our Simon used to stalk chipmunks in our garage very successfully (so hard to get him to relinquish his "prize kill"!) Tucker has no hunting instinct whatsoever.

Scrapatches said...

Butterfly in her younger days once caught an enemy squirrel that was playing one of those ring around the tree games and thought it was faster than The Cat. The Mom was very happy that The Cat did not get bit. The Enemy got away to run around another day. Pesky squirrels ... ;) Pat