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Thursday, May 30, 2013

Wild Kingdom

Remember all the sewing I did last weekend? Well that and a couple more hours last night and I finished a top!!! I think I'll bind it in the same black but I am not yet sure about backing fabric. I can pick up some neutral wide-backing fabric at the LQS or I might have some yardage of cat fabric. It's the back sides of cats and is a perfect backing given all the animal fabrics on the front, I'm just not sure there is enough since this is a little bigger than I was expecting.

This quilt is based on yet another youtube video from Missouri Star Quilt Company. 2.5" strips are sewn in to pairs and then subcut in to 3.5" twosies. A four patch is created and then 1.5" strips are sewn to the long sides, creating a square. Rotating every other square creates the illusion of sashing. A final black border was added to make the center "float." I LOVE giraffes and looked far and wide for the border fabric but thought it needed a little something...the square in square blocks were a last minute thought and I think they add just the punch I wanted!

You can tell both my models had other thoughts on their minds than my quilt. Midgie never goes outside as she used to try to run but she was a good girl so she might come outside again. Squeaky routinely comes outside with me but still couldn't be bothered with yet another quilt...

I've got a few leftovers but I already have a plan. The local animal shelter has an annual fundraiser and some years when I have time, I make a wall hanging for them to raffle. I'm a little short on time for the donation quilt but what else is new?!

1 comment:

Janet O. said...

Nice job, Sarah. I like this scrappy pattern with the "wild" prints. : )
I am curious to see what you create with the leftovers.