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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Guild Secret Sister

My monthly quilt guild meeting was this past Tuesday. Our speaker wasn't able to make it so my quilting friend Kelly, taught us how to do Zentangle, which is essentially structured doodling. I wasn't prepared to take photos but maybe I can share our samples another day. She had a great sample of Zentangle done in hexie shapes. You know I want to replicate that is some fashion!

I am most interested in Zentangle because of the quilting aspects. In fact, some of the quilting on my recent "Walkabout" quilt was Zentangle-ish - altho I found out I did it backwards. Who knew there was a right and wrong way to swirl?! I checked all my blog pictures on the quilt and none of them show the quilting well because I used black thread on a black and orange quilt. Silly me.

Anyway...on to Secret Sister gifts! The first thing I noticed was the gift bag was from a store in Old Forge, a town in the Adirondack Mts. It's probably one of the few stores I have not yet been to, given how many trips to the ADK I make every summer :)

This cute stuffed cat was my gift. Isn't he just adorable??!! He's got a fluffy tuft on his head and he's holding a bat. If only my Secret Sis knew I had a thing against bats - they used to get in to the house when I first moved in. This guy, however, is stuffed and fluffy so we are ok :)

I also received these great charm squares. I am debating to save these for a birthday project or not. Our hexie club gives each birthday girl basted hexies in her fav color and I am planning to use mine to make a pillow similar to this one from Pinterest. I could always use more purples!


Janet O. said...

Maybe this cat holding a bat symbolizes the bats being confined and it will bring you good luck with bats. : )
I've had a bat in my house, too. Creepy!!

margaret said...

interesting reading about zentrangle and doing it in fabric, sounds complicated to me so will wait for the photos to see if I can get my head round it! Lovely collection of fabrics and the cat is very cute with his bat

Denise :) said...

Oooh! What a sweet goody from your SP!! I *loved* your zentangle model -- fun stuff!! Purples rule! :)