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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday UFO

I enlarged the design grid from the paperpieces.com package and
colored it with colored pencils so I could remember my layout!
I was all gung ho to tell you that job #2 is 99.99999% done for the year and I get my lunches (and hexie time) back but I got a message today that another FedEx arrived and that can only mean problems at this point. Darn! At least the end is in sight...

Besides working on a pieced hexie UFO over the weekend I also pulled out an EPP UFO. I suppose all my hexie projects are UFOs since I rotate them but this will probably be one of the easiest/fastest to finish up...so I can start another, of course. I have a plan for those Civil War scraps from Gettysburg.

Remember my hexie shaped end tables? And how I finished a table topper for it this summer? 

Well it's time to finish the topper for the other table :)
With my lunches back and a few evenings watching X-Files on DVD, it shouldn't take long!


tubakk said...

This is coming really well together. Hurry up, so you can start a new.

Janet O. said...

Smart way to keep track of what goes where. Even with that I would probably sew things together all wrong!
This is a pretty one--but then, aren't they all? : )

Chantal said...

Awesome Sarah! It's looking good. I detect a finish in your near future!

Carla said...

I just love EPP. Perhaps I need to start a new project

margaret said...

I so love to see what you are doing with EPP it has come such a long way form the grandmothers garden which I still love but using so many different shapes makes for wonderful designs. We could do with a book with all the templates in for all shapes and all sizes, any offers?