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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Genesee Country Museum

So...it only took me 10 days to get these posted but I am finally sharing my photos from Mother's Day at Genesee Country Village & Museum, which is a recreated village of 18th century buildings moved from around NY state to this location. BTW - one of the pictures on their homepage today was a woman piecing a baby block quilt and I am guessing it's EPP!!!

As you may recall, I said that Mother's Day weekend was opening weekend for what we affectionately call Mumford (the name has changed in the last 20+ years and it's located in Mumford, NY). It was also Chocolate Day - I didn't get many pictures of the chocolate but there were samples of the authentic 18th century style choco that the museum sells.

You can see the show was held in a huge barn with lights and a runway :)
The girls here are in chronological order.
One of the first activities we enjoyed was a fashion show. It included an antique or reproduction outfit from each decade between 1790 and 1920. It was fascinating to see how trends come and go and then come back again - especially waistlines, puffy sleeves and hemlines. There seemed to almost always be some aspect of the outfit that originated from men's fashions - hats, sleeves, collars, walking sticks.

Some of my favorite outfits - the hat on the left and the striped dress on the right.

Height order, which is just plain silly for documentation of the outfits.

After the fashion show we walked from building to building. I know which building each photo came from but for the life of me I can't remember most of their names. Forgive me!
Isn't this a fab tea party idea? The chicken salad was served in the tulips - which are edible.
Check out the stenciling on the walls! This house had a quilting bee going on for anyone to try. I was reprimanded for doing the rocking stitch - it was all stick and stab back then. The workers were having tea from this great tea tray. Gunmetal tea, if I recall correctly. I have some from Gettysburg that I still need to try...

One of the choco displays showing flavorings and the Metate & Mano in the center that was used to grind the cocoa beans. We were given hot choco samples at this stop.
Mom and I sort of had a tea party for lunch - I packed choco chip scones, cheese, crackers and jerky. Mom brought bottled iced tea. It was fun.

One more tea photo - a pantry full of tea pots, cups and saucers. I wish I had this space for mine...

Last stop at the museum was the dying exhibit. I forget the word but it was a kind of sap being used to dye the yarn various shades of brown - milk and dark chocolate colors if you will. HaHa!

Once home dad grilled dinner and afterwards my brother's family stopped over. The boys were happy to decorate my hair with flowers from the yard but one particular little monkey didn't think I could catch him on film! Gotcha!!


Janet O. said...

This looks like such a fun day!
What was the chocolate like?

margaret said...

looks like a fabulous time was had, the costumes were beautiful but not for my figure!