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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

The Bibliophile Files

Hello and welcome to the latest edition of The Bibliophile Files!!!

For anyone new to TBF, in January I issued myself 2 reading challenges for the year and then invited everyone to follow along with me.

#1-To read books have that 9 different colors in the titles: blue, red, yellow, green, brown, black, white, other and implied. I've got three done and 3 more currently checked out of the library. Interestingly enough, I am finding this challenge harder than #2...

#2-To read books with titles that spell out the months of the year. You know: J-a-n-u-a-r-y, etc. Yes, all 74 letters that spell out the 12 months of the year. I had to switch my first book this month. I moved a B book to become an L book so I could read the new Randy White book "Bone Deep"!

To read more about either challenge, click on The BF tab above.

We just had our second brown out of the day so I'm going to get this posted without reviews before the internet gets even wonkier than it already is today...
Red Velvet Cupcake (6/8/14)
Mind Prey (6/18/14)
Trace (6/22/14)
LA Dead (6/28/14)

Currently on my nightstand and stereo: Fat Tuesday, A Wilder Rose

 I've finished 29 books or 39% of the challenge so far this year, which I don't think is so bad given that today is the halfway mark and I'll be able to read/listen to lots of books while I go camping. I had a photo of the pile of audiobooks that I'll be taking camping but the internet isn't playing nice so lets just say I currently have 16 audiobooks checked out of the library and one of them has 30 disks! I may have overdone it but last year I just about ran out and the local library wasn't very friendly to a girl who needed an audiobook fix!

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Julierose said...

I am a total Agatha Christie reader-freak! And I read many English murder mysteries. I have recently found Gregor Demarkian mysteries--really fun!! If I don't have a good book to read--fegettaboutit!! I also like Romancy-types Rosamunde Pilcher family saga stories...I cannot do Patricia Cornwell--too much gore for me. but my best friend just loves her and Rizzoli and Iles and Vince Flynn is my DH's fave. Isn't interesting how we gravitate to different book styles!! I also like poetry...hugs, Julierose