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Monday, February 02, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 2/2/15

Saturday we went to my nephew's hockey game. They won 7-0 but I completely neglected to take any photos. As my younger nephew says... Go Blues!! The game was almost over with just 26 seconds left when the players switched and Ty got to play one last time. In just two seconds he had scored the last goal. Go Ty!!!!

The rest of the weekend was spent with rotary cutter in hand. I cut pink and neutral strips for this month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks. I trimmed scraps. I cut tiny 1" tumblers from the Civil War fabric I purchased in Gettysburg several years ago. I also cut the next 6 hexie fabrics for my hexie I-Spy quilt.

Please let me know if you find any hexie fabrics in your local store.
I would love a 5" charm square and can trade or pay...

You may recall from last week that I was debating whether the setting triangles should be smaller on the I-Spy project. I started this little cat mat with smaller setting triangles but I'm still not really decided. I think even if I do decide I want them to finish in this smaller size that I should still make them with the 2.5" black strips so I have room to trim them down.

I hope y'all appreciate this snow photo. I was kneeling out the back door at work to take the photo. As soon as I clicked the shutter button, a gust of wind blew it off the back steps into a snowbank. I had to take 3 steps in my socks and then proceeded to drop my iPhone in the same snowbank. It's not the best shot but we went with one-and-done!

Speaking of snow...we finally got a little last night and it's still snowing!! It's the pretty, fluffy flakes so I don't mind.

I had a little trouble getting out the door this morning since the snow came from the east instead of the west. Neither Squeaky or Zorro wanted out the door either. Z was happy to go out the window to sit on "his" table for a few seconds. He wanted out again as I was leaving for work. Generally he sits on the porch for 5 minutes while I suit up and then comes right back in for the day.

This time he went under the porch and refused to come back out. I was running late for work and had to leave him outside. He's gonna get chilly before I get home from EMT class at 10:30 tonight but Grandpoppa agreed to check on him if he had to go downtown. Kids!

Shoveling was slow going but after four rounds with the shovel my neighbors came over and helped me with their snow blower. Total shovel/blower time was >60 minutes but they probably saved me another 30 minutes. Thank God for good neighbors!!


Janet O. said...

I searched my nearest LQS for hexie fabrics and found none! Can you believe that? If I get into another store soon I will search there, too.
Oh, the price we quilters pay for a good photo of our project. I do like the smaller setting triangles. I think it is less overpowering to the blocks themselves, especially when using the black triangles. Just MHO.
Wow--that is a lot of shoveling! We have no snow on the ground--it has been a Spring-like January here. So weird!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

We woke to 14" of snow and it's still coming down. My brother has done nothing but plow and shovel all day (and he is sick too). I tried to shovel - paid for it. Oh, yeah, we had to pull the UPS truck out of the drive too - poor guy. I totally forgot I was suppose to look for hexie fabric!! On that

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Wow! That is some serious snow. Great exercise if you are in good shape

Dar said...

Your little cat mat is so bright and colorful. Cute. Ooh, you got quite a bit of snow. We have been lucky that we are missing most of it so far this year,but I'm sure that won't last.

Carla said...

Snow! We got a dump too. I guess we need it so we can have spring? Sure.....

Missy Shay said...

My cats like to go outside when I go to work, but since my husband works from home then he is able to let them back in. I love the size of the cat mat.