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Tuesday, February 17, 2015

HeLP for Hexie-aholics!!!

Howdy and welcome to another rousing edition of Hexie Linky Party for Hexie-aholics!!!

All y'all have your hexie nail polish on for the party, right??!!

This past weekend was retreat #2 for the LQS. Luckily I get to attend in a work capacity, running the on-scene store, answering quilting questions and what not. When the girls don't need me tho, I get to do my own thing!!

Thanks to a lot of this:

Windchill of -32F = -36C

I was doing a lot of this:

Which resulted in this:

I had to get more of the black to finish the last block in the 2nd row and I have parts of the third row made. I had gotten this far at the end of retreat on Sunday and, while I could have continued with the rosette Sunday evening and Monday (federal holiday), I chose to work on some other hexie projects for a change of pace. Nothing exciting enough to share, just making progress on smaller projects that fit in ones hand...  :) This sucker is HUGE! About 36" across!

Now, if I could just get over this bronchitis, I would be a happy woman. Today my right lung hurts from coughing so much. I'm gonna leave it up to YOU, my bloggy friends, to take my mind off being sick: please link up to a specific blog post showing any hexie project you would like to share. As always, it can be a current project, a UFO, an antique you came across and everything in between!


Janet O. said...

Now even nail polish?!? Oh, Sarah, I think you have gone over the edge!!! *LOL*
Hope you can get over that nasty bronchitis soon!

Vireya said...

Love the nail polish! Hope you are feeling better soon. Your hexie project looks fantastic.

Chantal said...

OMG Sarah!!! Hexie nail polish!!!!!! I'm jealous! Your millefiori is looking stunning!!! Here's hoping you feel better really soon.

Deb@asimplelifequilts said...

Bronchitis is the pits... I hope you are on the mend soon. We are frozen here too. Your hexie is incredible - it looks like a Kaleidoscope!

tubakk said...

Your hexies are so pretty and time consuming. Lovely!

Missy Shay said...

Nothing better then quilting by the fire!

Debbie Brown said...

found this and thought of you