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Monday, November 23, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 11/23/15

Sew...I've finished bazaar season and I've finally finished some custom orders, which brings me to....full scale Christmas gift making season!! Some of the giftees read my blog so I have to be pretty careful what I post. I can't even share hexie photos today since I only spent about 30 minutes on them this weekend. Can you imagine??!!

This is the best I can share w/out giving away what I was making yesterday! Only a few more to make.

My 'hood is getting their holiday decorations up while the weather holds. I have two favorites that really mean the Holidays are closing in - I'll try to get a photo of the other house another day.

Taken on an early morning/pre-dawn walk last week.

Kenny lives around the corner from my house but this pine tree is tall enough that I can easily see it from any window in my house. I just love the flicker of white lights as the pine boughs move.

Someone at Walmart was having a good time with the pop display. The tree and background are recessed compared to the candy canes. I just now noticed the price - darn, missed my chance. While trying to get this photo I did find some cute Captain America and Hulk banks for my two fav nephews. They were in with the mens clothes which is a silly place for banks.

And last but not least  - look what greeted me this morning!! We were told to expect up to 12 inches of lake effect - I knew that wouldn't happen no matter how much hype there was. This was the perfect amount to glisten as the sun rose and now it's all  melted away.

It was a brisk 17F wind chill, which I found invigorating, but I was a little leery of the slippery snow on the sidewalks so my pace was off today. I promptly made a phone call to Mrs Clause and asked for yaktrax for Christmas. I wonder if she will delivery early?


Vroomans' Quilts said...

No snow here yet - you must have gotten the tail end of it, but it was a brrrrrie day and my walk was short. The furkids wouldn't even come along - imagine!!

Janet O. said...

Looks like you are surrounded by the holiday spirit. I need to catch up. Can't believe it is Thanksgiving this week. Yikes!!

Bonnie said...

We're hoping to skip snow this week but local forecasters are saying past winters with El Nino have given us between 1.5" and 30" of snow. Ok then... maybe a day or two of studio time! That's quite a display a WalMart.

margaret said...

trust the bazaar sales went well, and best of luck with your Christmas makes.
We had a sprinkling of snow early friday morning but it soon turned to train thankfully.

Jo said...

Lovely photos of the Xmas lights and decorations. Couldn't imagine waking up to snow. So cold....

Jennifer said...

Hope you've had some good time this week to make some progress on your gifts. We had snow in Indiana - about 2" at our house - the perfect amount for kids to play in but melted already. It was the earliest sticking snow we've had here in as long as I remember!

Denise :) said...

I love the tree with the star in the top!!! That wind child makes for a brisk walk! What's a yaktrax??! :)