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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

The Bibliophile Files - 11/3/15

Goodness how can it be November already?
And it's 70F this afternoon with it getting even warmer in the next few days before we slide back into the rainy chill of fall.

I hope you are still reading now that the weather is cooling...maybe you now have even more time to read! Due to a careless injury last week I wasn't able to walk very much or I think I would have gotten at least one more iPhone audiobook finished.

I finally hit the sidewalks again this morning, since Erin said that I needed to take advantage of the Indian Summer while I can, even if my leg hurts. I stopped at our polling place and was #12. Did you vote today?

11th Hour - still waiting on the latest book in the series - apparently it's popular since I've been waiting a while.
The Run
Stay Close
Deeply Odd
Deep South - I so love this series - each book takes place in a different National Park
Girl on the Train - Too much like Gone Girl. Some differences of course, but not enough for me to not think of GG the whole time.

Code Name Verity - This is a youth book but #1 in a short series - I'm looking forward to the other 2 books
Postcard Killers
Spartan Gold - Another new to me series by Patterson. What isn't there to like about Patterson books?

So, tell me!!! What did you read??
What novels, magazines, quilt books or cereal boxes did you read this month?
Oh, I need a book suggestion that starts with a "Y". Thanks!!


Kathy ... aka Nana said...

I thought the same thing about Girl on the Train, especially since I read GOTT right after reading GG. Of the two, I preferred GOTT. Several of my favorite authors are coming out with new books, but I'm having to wait until they're released as audiobooks because that's the only way I'll get enough time to read.

Jo said...

Wow, how do you manage so many books. Especially at the same time... I have only read blogs...

Karen H said...

I've just finished Burial Rites. It is a novel based on an actual event. It is rather dark but I found it interesting because it provided a glimpse into the lives of Icelandic women in the mid 1800s. I'm almost finished Merchants of Doubt and it is a real eye-opener. It was also made into a documentary. Anyone who has an interest in science and the media should read this book!

Denise :) said...

I've heard about Gone Girl, but not read it -- I may have to take a look at the digital library and see if they offer it! The Orphan Train was a good, fascinating (and historical) read! :)