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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Ta Da!!!!

Assuming my math skills are up to par...

This is hexie # 1698 out of 1698!!!!!!

And this was the very last stitch!!

Yes, there was a "little" happy dance going on!!!! I first blogged about Value Proposition on 5/5/14 so it's been nearly 2 years. Of course, given all the other projects I work on at the same time, I still think it was pretty good pace.

This was taken Monday morning followed by 2 days of over 40F/5C weather.
When I got home last night I decided I should take the same photo again today to show the
severe lack of snow, despite it being the end of January.
The joke was on me cuz I woke up to 3" of new snow!

Next step is the borders. Last night I folded and laid them out on the cutting table to see if I liked the dimension. I'm currently thinking 2" inner and 8-10" outer. The plan for tonight is to see how well the hexie portion fits on my double bed and how wide the borders would need to be for the overhang. I'll try to decide somewhere between the two sets of dimensions.

In theory, I would like to sew the 2 borders together and therefore be able to only have to wrestle with the quilt as a whole one time. I'll miter the corners, I just need to make sure I have enough fabric to do so.

I'm sorry but "figuring" borders is not on my fun list of things to do...

BTW - this is blog post # 1150!


Frances said...

We have been with you all the way! Great job.

Jo said...

It sure does look amazing... What, no HEXIES borders.... That's a lot of work

Ruth said...

Yay, you! But it might be your fault that we had the snowstorm.

Angie in SoCal said...

Sarah, first - COngrats on your finished hexies! Yeah - they're great. Now go over to Karen's Faeries and Fibres blog. She just did a how to do borders post.


margaret said...

you must be thrilled to have completes the hexies it looks wonderful and loving the border fabrics you have chosen, best of luck it sounds a good idea to make them together before attaching them not that I would have a clue how you do it!

Janet O. said...

It's beautiful, Sarah! What an accomplishment. Wouldn't have taken me two years--more like twenty. Or, actually, more like--never cone! : )
I often stall at borders. But I really like your fabrics.

Denise :) said...

Way to go, girlfriend!! You persevered and did it, and didn't even need to borrow one of my CST hours!! ;) It's *beautiful*!! :)