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Monday, June 13, 2016

Design Grass Monday - 6/13/16

I may or may not have attended a local shop hop last week for the sole purpose of purchasing the two purple fabrics I will need for Mickey Depre's scrappy pieced hexie project.

light purple added to side diamond sides
medium purple will be added to diamond ends.

I also may or may not have picked up three FQs and rummaged through their scrap bins...

I admit to nothing!

Ok - so maybe I'll admit to my snoopervisor pitching in.

And maybe I'll also admit to getting me some of this BELLY!!!!


Julierose said...

"You have the right to remain silent"--lol--reading too many mysteries again..
That white underbelly looks so soft...love your fabric additions--hugs Julierose P.S. i changed my acct to gmail--let me know if you do not get this in your email box--thanks

Vroomans' Quilts said...

I didn't hop but my Mom did with Martha - each shop gave out a FQ and a free pattern - my Mom loves free. Love that fluffy belly!!

Pamela said...

What a relaxed kitty! The diamond shaped hexies remind me of Easter eggs and the orange one is striking!

Janet O. said...

Only the guilty speak in such evasive terms!!

margaret said...

hexies looking so good and just want to reach out and tickle that belly

Chantal said...

Oh he loves his Momma! He is pressed up against you. How cute! Love the EPP!