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Thursday, July 21, 2016

ADK trip #1

Since I was 10 years old (just a couple years ago!), my family has been camping at 8th Lake Campground which is a NY State run campground.

The campground is nestled in the woods between 8th lake...

and 7th lake. They are part of the Fulton Chain of Lakes.

Rome, NY
3 FQs and 4 2.5" strips for my pieced hexie project

Inlet, NY
6 FQs, mostly for the pieced hexie project

It's a personal tradition to stop at the 2 quilt stores on the way up to the ADK mountains - an excellent way to break up the 4.5 hour drive.

I enjoy walking around the campground and trails early in the morning, allowing me to see the campfire smoke twisting through the trees.

Mt Sawyer with Tom, Kristie, Tyler and Ryan

Mountain climbing is one of our favorite activities. I don't know that I'll ever be a "46-er" but it's fun to find new mountains for every trip. Most of the local towns have "challenges" that include water falls, fire towers, lakes and or mountains so I have plans, on the next trip, to hike the Tupper Lake Triad which means three (easy?!) mountains in one day. The weather isn't supposed to be great most of the trip so my fingers are crossed that at least Thursday will have nice weather so I can complete the TLT.

The Fourth had a lot of activities this year...

We attended the 39th annual Ping Pong Drop. For the last 38 years a seaplane had dropped the colored ping pong balls onto the field but for legal reasons that part of the tradition is over. The kids are broken into 3 age groups and allowed to grab 3 balls per kid. The balls are then traded in for prizes. I suppose I should not have been, but I was surprised at how many people attended.

Later we spent time at the Inlet beach listening to an excellent Springsteen cover band.

And watching the sun set on 4th Lake.

Eventually the barge headed out to set up for the fireworks show.

I think this was about the time that Tyler asked if I ever get tired of hexies. Uh...no!
And when I said I would be posting his goofy pic on my blog, he told me that
only lonely ppl write blogs. I don't think so Dude!

But we continued to goof around with lightsticks and music.

We weren't the only people ready to watch the show - many boats were in the middle of the lake.

That gorgeous tree was in the way for photographing the fireworks which meant I could enjoy them for the fireworks and not be fiddling with my iPhone.

I think that pretty much covers trip #1 and trip #2 is right around the corner.

I'm changing the travel plans up a little this trip with a stop at the Syracuse-AQS Quilt Show next Wednesday. Is anyone else going to be there?


Julierose said...

sounds like you are having a terrific vacation trip. hugs, Julierose

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Use to do these areas myself way back with my Dad. We spent our time fishing, fishing, fishing - no hiking. I see you are in for a very rainy time. A few of our quild members are headed to AQS Syracuse, not sure what days - but a few carpools are going.

Frances Meredith said...

Sounds like a great trip as usual.

Linda Swanekamp said...

That area is one of my most favorites in the world. Every year my family, now including grandchildren, spends a week in August in the Old Forge area. We used to stay on 4th Lake, but we needed a bigger house. We rent one now on Hollywood Rd outside of Old Forge. I wish we could find a rental on the lake again. I have climbed Rocky Mt. and Bald, but can't do big hikes anymore. I am so glad that the Inlet fabric store is still in business. I spent 3 days in October in Old Forge and the store was closing that day for the season. I have done a lot of paintings and fabric collages of the area. We rent canoes every year and do the Big Moose River. Love the Fulton Chain!

margaret said...

what a beautiful place, sounds like a lot of fun but exhausting too all that climbing etc. but still some time for stitching good girl!

Carla said...

Onlythe lonely? Too funny. I really like your EPP project