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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Vacation Sewing

Why is there always so much "overtime" required before and after a vacation to take the actual vacation? It seems like I've just been go go go all week to make up for a few days off. Maybe after today I'll be caught up...

Sew...my vacation...was 5 days camping in the ADK Mts (which included a 3 day weekend and holiday), 1 day at home, 1 loooooong day at work and then a 3 day weekend. Three day weekends are a summer staple at my job = lucky me!! I'll share pictures of the Mts next week. I have to do that ASAP cuz before I'll be camping again before the end of the month and we don't want to get things all confused...

All y'all know that I took hexies camping but I am going to save them for the Hexie Linky Party this coming Sunday. Instead I'll show you the UFO I pulled out over the weekend.

The way that Dad constructed my cutting table allows
me to hang my 20 trips blocks from a pants hangar

It took a while to get my mojo in motion. Because of the bronchitis I didn't do much on any given day and lying around like a log lump was about my top speed until Saturday afternoon when all the sudden I was inspired and pulled out my looooooooooooong ignored Scrappy Trails project. Feel free to check the TATW label to see my other blocks and the funky layout I've created.

I finished 3 more blocks over the weekend...

yes - they all have a yellow down the center!

I have another block in the works and you can see the 3 others waiting for their final stitching in the background.

I think I only need 2 or 3 more blocks to finish this.

And what's a girl to do when she's stitching but work on leader-enders as well!! I stitched up 3 sets of pieced hexies for Mickey Depre's project over the weekend as well!

Not a bad vacation weekend once I finally got my act in gear!


Julierose said...

That cutting table looks so useful with the clip at the end--great idea...(so nice to have a woodworker in the family!! My uncles were carpenters, but they have all passed away). Those hexie patterns look very interesting--I did something a bit like that--I sewed two strips together and then laid the freezer paper over them--in my Monet's garden--but I've never seen it done with 3 or more...will be waiting to see how they come out.Lovely colors in them... hugs, Julierose

Judy Dietrich said...

Beautiful blocks!! Always good to get a UFO one step closer to being loved!! As I am trying to ease into this "age" thing as gracefully as possible---the cards are stacked against me!! But, I have learned to listen to my body. If you need to sleep, DO IT NOW. Helps the meds work. I do not do good work while I am sick & worry about what needs to be done. I try to do little tasks that do not require much mind power. Haven't you already had this at least twice this year? Cuddle a kitty & get some rest!!

Janet O. said...

Your Dad is a smart man--and thanks for the new way to use my vintage pants hangers (yes, I bought more). : )
I have a UFO of that same design hanging somewhere. Wonder how many blocks I have made? I think I last worked on it in 2013.
I can't imagine piecing fabrics together to make hexies. I can barely make plain hexies.
Hope you are feeling all better--are you?

margaret said...

Dad made you a great addition to the table, blocks looking good as are the hexies. Look froward to seeing photos of the camping trip and the hexies you stitched whilst away.