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Thursday, August 04, 2016

No self control...

Go on - laugh - you knew this would happen. Y'all know I have no self control.

This block coloring started with the burnt orange pie shapes.
I am thinking of the gold for the spikes in the next round but I'm not sure yet.

These are glue basted due to the curves.
I'm not 100% sold on the technique yet but I'm always game to try something once...

On a side note, it wasn't until I got home last night and looked at the cranky cat panel still on my design wall that I noticed that the bottom edge was cut crooked and quite short on the bottom left corner. It affected 2 blocks.

I guess I'll have to cut off the sashing that is on the panel (it's so off that I can't preserve any of the current red/blue sashing for Mr Attitude) and add my own. That really stinks but does teach me that when I buy a precut panel I should unfold it to check the quality first. Unfortunately the receipt doesn't have a business name or I would write a nastygram...


Chantal said...

That is very irritating to find a block chopped off at the corner. Who checks these things though. They usually are packaged so nicely in a plastic bag and you just trust the cutter to have done a good job. Maybe you could turn that block into a mug rug or do a hexie frame around it to enlarge it.

Janet O. said...

I am so surprised to see you start a new EPP project (NOT!!)
It really is a good looking pattern.
Maddening about your panel. That is enough to make a cat cranky! : )