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Monday, December 19, 2016

HeLP for Hexie-aholics, DWM and Mystery Monday

Hello all and welcome to today's trifecta of linky parties!!

Let's begin with the easy one ... Mystery Monday Link-up #4.

As you will recall ... I'm making a smaller quilt so I've cut enough neutral "tri's" to make 42 tri-recs. I'll need to cut some more purple "recs" but that's ok cuz I spent an hour or so trimming scraps and found some nice dark purples in the pile that I can use right away.

 And since that was the boringest photo ever, how about a little entertainment?


This was taken shortly after Cookie Day baking finished, while Bleu was still hiding under the bed. And you're right, there are no ornaments on the bottom 2 feet of the tree for a reason...

The rest of the week/end was spent working on the owl quilt, which I am thrilled to say now has the penultimate row of the neutral batik attached to the top and bottom!! Woo Hoo!!!

Next up was deciding how to fill in the top and bottom notches so the neutral was "straight" before adding the blue border.

Given how little neutral was left I thought it would be easier to sew a strip of blue and neutral together in a pieced hexie fashion instead of making 2 half hexies to sew together later. I also added a strip of blue to the other side so I could get the most use of the neutral. I needed 22 of these split hexies which left a very small, goofy shaped piece of neutral. You can thank me later for forgetting to take a picture of that small piece of fabric.

You can see how the split hexies fill in to give some separation between the rose stars and the blue border. Phew! My idea worked!

You can also see how someone learned how to rearrange quilt blocks. Given that I had to encourage him to even sit on the quilt the last time I had it on the floor, he certainly has upped his QCO skills pretty quickly.

Sew... I've linked to Design Wall Monday and Mystery Monday but now I want all my hexie friends to join my Hexie Linky Party (HeLP).

Any paper shape and any vintage project is more than welcome. We look forward to seeing your hexie projects!!!


Janet O. said...

I have to say that the way you handled the border is brilliant!
Looks like your boys are doing all they can to keep you on your toes and get your attention. : )

Karen said...

Aw! what a cutie. I love your quilt. It looks very difficult!

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Lucky you have only one fascinated with the tree or it might be down. The owl quilt looks fabulous and great way to fill in those final borders.

Vireya said...

Smart way to work those edge hexagons!

Jo said...

You have done well with your hexie border. How long will the tree stay upright? Your purples look great

margaret said...

the border is going to work beautifully on your hexie project and the mystery quilt is coming along, tree is too much of a temptation !

Denise :) said...

The border is AWESOME!!!!! That Bleu -- he's making himself quite handy, isn't he? In another month or two, you'll wonder how you managed quilt layout without him! Hahaha!! :)

Frances Meredith said...

Cool solution

Paul Burega said...

How do I get to the Hexie Linky Party (HeLP).? I don't see a link.