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Monday, April 03, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 4/3/17

My weekend was pretty much a juggling act - I tried to get a lot done on a lot of projects but only ended up getting some done on some projects. LOL.

I'm still working on renovating my bedroom. Saturday was paint the trim white day - that included door/window frames, crown molding and baseboards. Don't worry - I had snoopervision. He really gets in to his work!

I apologize for the fuzzy photo but someone doesn't like his tail held. And that's why you don't get to see the second, thicker coat he later applied. Poor Zorro!

On Sunday, Ryan invited me for a play date. How I even imagined I could keep up with a 9 year old when I've had a very lazy winter is beyond me. Having signed up for a 5K (walk - I don't run!!) at the end of May, I started my morning early with a 5K walk. Ryan and I then proceeded to run around the yard, play street hockey, use the trampoline for quite some time, test out his new birthday video games, learn how to use Tyler's hoverboard and too many other things to remember. I''m considering getting a new pair of roller blades just to prove to them that yes, Tortilla (my nickname-long story) CAN skate. Vegging on the couch for the evening was the wrong way to end Sunday as I can't move a back muscle today...

I had really hoped to finish this doll quilt before the weekend was over. I have enough fabric to make one more row of hexies for the bottom and then fill in the half hexies. I'm now hoping to have it done by next weekend so I can concentrate on other things.

And last but not least...I am in the process of mass producing name badge holders for my annual work conference. I've been given permission to set up a sales table during registration instead of dragging them around with me for several days. I love a target audience! I am also bringing my other quilted items to sell too. Once I get that doll quilt finished it will be all production all the time as I have just a few weeks left to sew, sew, sew. Luckily that also includes a few days off.

I'm tired, how about you?


Julierose said...

Really busy for sure!! As long as Ryan didn't use you as the trampoline hahaha
like my little grandgirls try to do to me..ooophf!1 Hugs, Julierose

Janet O. said...

Zorro's built in paintbrush was put to good use, then!
My goodness, I am exhausted just reading your activities with Ryan. I'm curious--how did you do on the hoverboard? I have tried my grandson's and I pretty much have to keep my hand on the wall!
Your little quilt is looking fantastic!
How many of those badges will you be making? Looks like you have a really nice work space!

Denise :) said...

Zorro was "texturizing" your walls. It's a skill set not every painter has. He should get paid double time! Wait -- no pics of all the little *squishies* he's been leaving for you?!? Bahahaha!!!! Have a GREAT week!!! :)

Missy Shay said...

Zorro just wanted highlights! We have to lock the cats in another room when we paint or we would have a huge mess!

margaret said...

I am exhausted just reading about your day with Ryan. Good to see Zorro is helping you I think he is going to become so much more loving. Such a sweet doll quilt, I am sure you will have lots of buyers for your sales table

Chantal said...

Lovely post Sarah! I love Zorro's "paintbrush". It is good to have some help. Your day with Ryan sounded like fun (if a bit exhausting). Sorry to hear your back is shouting at you for all that activity. I love the dolly quilt and the table prepped with all the name badges. Did you get your room finished? I tell you trim day is as intense as wall painting day in this part of the world. So....much....trim!

Jo said...

You will have to show the name badges you make. Looks like some bags/purses are on the go to.