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Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Solar Eclipse Day!!

I survived the fair. I help at several different booths and that often leads to lots of sitting and that means lots of hexies.

I also went to the doctor last week for my ankle. He said I need to rest it as much as possible for the next week so that lead to more sitting and more hexies...

I'm thrilled to say that, as of this morning, I've finished the center/color section!!!  Woohoo!!!!!!

Not bad, considering I started this little doll quilt on July 28th.
Tonight I'll cut the cream for the borders and get started on those...

Another part of my "sitting" was to work on the owl quilt. As you may recall, I made the top and bottom border wider than the sides to square up the quilt. I quilted piano keys in the narrower side borders but I felt that the top and bottom needed a little more than just the piano keys since they were so wide.

I decided to use the same curved ruler to create scallops and then I used another new ruler to create a line of bubbles along the scallops.

I think this has eaten up enough of the border to now add the piano keys.
If you don't mind my saying so ... this quilt is looking GOOD!!

Oh please, let the sun on the shoebox be an omen for good weather!

And most importantly today, Solar Eclipse Day, I have my pinhole box prepped! The Weather peeps keep waffling about what the weather will be but it's sun and blue skies right now at 12:37 so I can only hope this will continue until we reach max eclipse at 2:35. Happy Viewing!!


Julierose said...

this dolly quilt is beautiful...so richly colored...hugs, Julierose

Vireya said...

Everything is looking good!

Hope you got a good eclipse view. We had a total one here back in the 70s, but the day was completely overcast so that lessened the effect somewhat. It was still pretty amazing. All the birds flew home to their nests and went quiet as it got dark. Then they just had to wake up again!

margaret said...

the black really makes the colours pop on your doll quilt. Good to read the fair went so well now you can rest and give the ankle a chance to heal.Seems you were lucky the sun shone for the eclipse we have seen lots of photos of it on the news here, cannot ever remember ever seeing one myself

Jo said...

Good luck with the viewing... Your cat will be happy with the new hexie quilt... You are doing well with your ruler quilting. Well done.