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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #15

So, I'm having a week...not just a Monday, but a week....Saturday can't get here fast enough. Then I can put my foot up again and get back to some hexies :)

I'm working on school taxes this week. There is always something goofy but I think this year takes the cake. I generally have a three day weekend plus several weeknights to work on them. This year I only have 2.5 weeknights because they were printed really late. I was up in the middle of the night working on taxes last night so I'll blame my addled brain for not remembering to take a picture this morning of my rosette. I had really thought that repeating "take a picture take a picture take a picture" in the shower would remind me but no such luck. I think when the water goes off all ideas go down the drain with the water.

And I was sew excited to share because it was a yellow-all-the-way week and that's the first monohcromatic week since we started on 5/15/17. Next week I'll have to share several catch up photos.

In the meantime, this was what I was doing last Saturday...I was asked to do a demo at our local Farmer's Market!! Many people were thrilled with the concept of the Temperature Quilt (on the left) and they can't wait to see how it looks next spring when it's "finished".

I've pretty much decided to do another temp quilt next year (maybe for several coming years?) and I think it would be really interesting to eventually have an exhibit where the quilts were hung side by side to compare them all. I don't relish making and storing a big quilt for each year so I may have to rethink how I'm going forward next year...

As soon as those tax bills are dropped in the mail tomorrow I can get back to quilting my owl quilt - our exhibit goes up Friday evening and I'm running out of time. Eek! I've finished the curved cross hatching and borders and the binding is on.

I still need to add more quilting to each star to "flatten" it to counteract the curved cross hatching puffing up the stars. It's ok as is for the exhibit if need be but I've got some simple ideas that would add some fun detail. I've got lots more pictures to share on this project...hopefully next week.


Janet O. said...

Wow, nothing like a time crunch, right?
What a great display for your Farmer's Market demo. But your public needs a closer shot of the temperature quilt in its current state. :)

Jo said...

If the weather stays that way you might just have enough orange fabrics... wow planning a few more years of them. I might just have to plan something too but not Hexies..

Pamela said...

You are too busy! I have also been thinking about making a yearly temperature quilt. It's fun to see what the temps are each day and it is so easy to make one "flower" a week.

Vroomans' Quilts said...

Must be a NY things - all our county school taxes are coming out late, too. I can't believe how cool we have been for August.

margaret said...

display looks eye catching must have had lots of people admiring your work. Good to get those tax returns out of the way and get back to quilting

Denise :) said...

"...when the water goes off all ideas go down the drain with the water." LOL! Great sound byte right there!! Love all your pretty work. And the linky party is timely, eh??! :)