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Friday, September 08, 2017

Feline Friday - 9/8/17

It might look like I'm being a lazy Monkey but I'm really resting up so I can help Momma this
weekend. She's gonna need lots of snoopervison!!

Ya see...Harvey went to visit Texas and now Irma is gonna visit Florida.

(Momma lived in Miami for 14 years - long before I adopted her. It was after Andrew visited but she still got to visit with Katrina, Rita and 5 or 6 others).

Momma doesn't have money to donate but she found out that there are kitties and doggies who can use little quilts. They are called Kennel Quilts. Shelters put them in the bottom of cages or P.T.Us to make the kitties more comfortable. (Oh Yeah - you heard me - we ain't makin' no stinkin' dog quilts!)

Momma wants to make some this weekend. They are only 12 x 18" so it shouldn't be so hard.

Click here for:
More info
Free Patterns
Shelters that currently need Kennel Quilts - Sign up for their email list and learn about new shelter needs as they are added to the list.

Sew what do you think, my fellow felines?
Can anyone else snoopervise their staff into making some Kennel Quilts??


margaret said...

liking the pet quilt idea will see if they are used here in the UK. Have a stray cat that comes for food getting quite attached as he now comes in to eat and even stays a little while before wanting out again, hoping he will spend some time inside when the cold weather comes sometimes he is so very wet.

Janet O. said...

Come on, Z--dogs are people, too. No, wait...that didn't come out right. :)
Wow, Sarah, this must really hit home for you. Didn't realize you were a survivor of so many storms!

Jo said...

You do a great job with all your support. Thinking of everyone that is near the storms and fires all over. Nasty times. Hope everyone takes care..

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

Wonderful, a gift from the heart! Seeing the hurt, lonely abandoned animals just breaks my heart.