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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Wednesday Weather Report #18, HeLP, Squishies & Christmas

Did all y'all miss me Sunday? Did you remember there should have been a HeLP post? I remembered way too late and then forgot again and then remembered again yet this is the first I've had time to post all week. I am sooooo ready for the "weekend" to get here...

77 - 73 - 77 - 79 - 81 - 82 - 77F

Squishy from Sharon with scraps for my secret-for-now project

Squishy from Chantal for my hexie fabric stash

Squishy from Julie with scraps for my secret-for-now project

Woohoo!! The top is done and I've opened out all the outside seam allowances.
It will be trimmed straight after I figure out how to quilt it.

This backing matched better in the store but I still kinda like it.
If I don't find anything better at the 2 stores I'll be going to this weekend
or in early October I'll go ahead with this one.

Yipp - my Christmas Cactus is getting ready for an early show.
This plant often blossoms three times a year if I ignore it properly.

Feel free to link your temperature quilt or any hexie project to our linky party today!


Janet O. said...

Still having days in the 80s? Thankfully, we have finally cooled off!
I really like the backing fabric! Why look for anything else?
Remind me what types of fabrics you want for your "secret for now" project. I know I said I'd send some, and then I spaced it. :)

Pamela said...

Gorgeous hexies this week! Summer isn't over yet.

Bullion Jackpot Call said...

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MissPat said...

Yes, I did notice there was no HeLP post, but not until yesterday, haha.
Hope the weather holds for your weekend trip. Have you been to the Old Creamery Quilt Shop? I'll have to look up the town, but it's off 81 north of Syracuse. Don't know what route you take to the Adirondscks.

Vireya said...

My zygocactus is flowering, too, although it should have flowered in May.

Looks like we all have yellow hexies this week!

Denise :) said...

I love that backing for your blue and white -- it's perfect! So I'm hoping you don't find anything you think is "better". Hahahaha! :)