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Wednesday, November 06, 2019

Wednesday Weather Report #129 - 11/6/19

I think our weather is becoming more and more what I expect for late fall/November. Today is full sun but with a definite chill in the air. We've been told to expect snow several times this week and I saw beautiful big flakes for about 5 minutes on Sunday. We shall see if the rest of the predictions come true...

October 30-31, 2019 :: 53 - 60 F
November 1-5, 2019 :: 37 - 44 - 41 - 49 - 40 F

Recently I've been trying to catch up on my Underground Railroad BOM from hexie club. We handed out the 12th and final pattern back in September but I've just completed block 5 and my sixth is about 3/4 done. Not bad for not working on it at all while I completed Mr Serious.

Our plan is to show the quilts at our next Art Council exhibit in 2021. It will be fun to see the same quilt in so many different fabrics and layouts. I am actually thinking of a triple sashing to make the quilt a bit bigger and to use a touch more of my batik fabrics. I made my quilt in batiks to use up some of my overflowing stash but that was quickly followed by purchasing some more neutral batiks and the orange shown below. I don't think the box is anymore empty than a year ago!! Hopefully I can rectify that "problem" with fancy sashings and borders.


Janet O. said...

If it wasn't for the EPP weather quilt in the first photo, I would have thought I was on the wrong blog--all of this machine piecing. :) And I love that it is in batiks. Yum!

MissPat said...

Actually, the Underground Railway blocks are also EPP paper pieced. The group special ordered the papers from Paper Pieces. I attended some meetings of the Hexie Club last year when they were getting ready to do this project.

Leonore Winterer said...

The turquoises are so pretty! You may be a little behind on that monthly quilting thing, but there's plenty of time to get caught up by 2021.