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Monday, April 04, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 4/4/11

Hexie-mania continues here at casaGrande!

I've finished the top section of theBathroomQuilt.

My plan (at the moment!) is to create 4 of these panels and fit them together to represent the diamonds from the tile floor here at work. I've decided against a layout more like the original floor because there was just too much "white space." I still think this layout will be pretty sizable for a wall hanging and I will still be replicating the tile border using seminole piecing.

This week the local PBS station is showing a series on the Civil War - I'll be at Mom & Dad's house watching it so I expect to get lots more hexies done this week.

Last night I finished the last 2 hexies in the above project and started another diamond for this other project. I do need a name for this one tho...

It's a sickness I tell you!


Jo said...

Your hexies look tiny....WOW.

Quiltsmiles said...

Nice idea with the nordic ware to do the hexies, thanks! Yours look great so far. It's amazing where inspiration comes from sometimes!


Diane said...

I love your hexies. I am working with them too, but mine are huge in comparison. I knew if I picked small ones it would become a UFO so mine are 1.25" across the top and 2.5" across the middle. I have been basting mine on the machine and learned a new way to stitch them so I can't see my ugly stitches on the top. Your stitches don't show at all!