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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring Garden Tour

As Cali and I sat on the porch this morning, enjoying the sunshine and dew still shimmering on the lawn, I thought it was the perfect time to take a garden tour. Won't you join me?!

Pansies have to be one of my favorite plants and there is a little pot right there on the porch that I can see every day as I come and go from the house. I want to paint the porch decks purple - what do you think of this shade?

The Bleeding Heart is huge and I noticed lots of buds this morning. To the left is my new purple garden phlox.

The Black Jack and (unknown name) Sedums are coming nicely. When I bought the Black Jack last summer it only had 3 stems - I'm thrilled to see it has at least 4 times as many this year.

The hosta are coming up. Biggie size it to see the dew drops! These are some of my smaller hosta - I don't think I took a photo of the Sum and Substance which will eventually be 4 or 5 feet wide when full grown. It has a much larger/darker stem poking up thru the mulch but it doesn't look like much so far.

The Clematis are making gains. While I planted them 2 summers ago, I am still watching them to learn how best to trim them back each year. The tags for both called for "moderate" trimming which doesn't fit into the usual garden magazine nomenclature. One seems to only sprout new growth from the bottom of the old plant (= I can trim a lot) and the other sprouts from the very bottom and the very top (= I don't think I should trim much of anything).

More pansies around the pear tree. Any one know where I can get a (plastic) partridge for my Xmas decorations?

I am 99% sure this is my Delphinium - doesn't that lime green just shout spring? I just bought 2 more Delphinium and need to decide where to plant them. Part of the decision making process is remembering where I (last minute) planted some things last year and some changes I want to make to this particular bed. I am hoping for a tall cutting garden so some things will have to be moved out.

And last but not least on today's tour is the ever elusive and positively rare Hershey's day lily!
(Yesterday was trash day and I noticed several candy wrappers in the yard today - I'm downwind)

How's your garden coming this spring?

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