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Friday, April 29, 2011

Feline Friday - nicknames

Do you have nicknames for your kids? Furry or not? A certain person I am related to doesn't understand why I have (so many) nicknames for the kids and insists that they can't possibly recognize their nicknames. She also insists they don't understand when I talk to them in Spanish. I think it's all about repetition - say a word enough and while the cat may not know what the hell I am saying, they will eventually recognize that the word refers to them or a specific activity. That got me started on a list of all the nicknames I have for my kids. The lists are in the order of use over the last week, with the first nickname the most often used instead of their real names :)

This is Pepper and his gotcha day was August 12, 2002.
I found him and his mother outside my office at the University of Miami when he was about 1 month old.
His mother, Tula AKA Mommy or Tulabird, died May 2010.
Poppy - which is used in Latin communities as a term of endearment for a male child
Pepito - another Latin endearment for 'little Pepper'
Chunky Monkey  - do I really need to explain this one?
Baby Butt or Buttski
Pimiento - bastardized Spanish for Pepper
Wussy Pussy - he will run and hide at the slightest thing, even when I just need to walk past him
Loverboy - he really does like attention, especially belly rubs

This is Smokey and her gotcha day was July 3, 2010.
She was my brother's cat who came to stay at my house while they went to Disney and ... she's still here!
We think she is about 11 or 12 years old now.
Midgie or Miss Midgie - short for Midget because she's so tiny, just skin & bones
Midgie-mator - rhymes with Tow-mator from the movie Cars - don't even ask how this one evolved
Motormouth - she never stops whining for more food
Prancy Pants - from the way her nails click on the laminate floors when she prances about the house
Skinny Mini

This is Cali and her gotcha day was November 23, 2010.
Cali used to live behind the liquor store next to my office. I think she is probably 2 or 3 years old.
Squeaky - based on her squeaky meow
The Squeakinator
The Squeakster
The Enforcer - she chases after the other kitties when they get in trouble, as if she is going to discipline them
Squeaky Wheel - you know...the squeaky wheel gets attention and she always wants to be front and center
Hossefina - she reminds me a lot of Hoss from "Bonanza" with that faraway "dumb" stare

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