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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Orca Bay

Did you hear the news? Bonnie announced her new mystery quilt today!!! It's called Orca Bay and based on the colors of this photo from Cordova, Alaska.

If you have never done a Bonnie mystery I will be honest - there are TONS of pieces to cut and sew back together. However, she writes the directions so that you never know what hit you until all the pieces start coming together into a beautiful design. She uses the easy angle and companion angle rulers to eliminate some of the math. I use my easy angle all the time so I really suggest you buy one too. The quilt will be split up into about 8 parts. She announces the next step on Fridays, starting 11/18. Even if you don't have time to work on them, it is the holiday season and all, at least print them and set them aside. Work on it 5 minutes a day if you have to but don't feel obligated to work at the same pace as Bonnie. I never do. When I get far enough behind, I pick a step to work on instead of doing them in order. How does that sound as a great reward for procrastination?!

If you have done a Bonnie mystery before - there isn't anything more to say - you know what we are in for.
Anyone else out there going to do Orca Bay with me?

Of course, I'll be using scraps and my strip bins but I can also start shopping for more variety in 1 day 23 hours 23 minutes and 27 seconds!


Denise :) said...

Haha -- not that you're counting or anything, right?!? The photo and the colors are beautiful! But I'm not ready for a Bonnie Hunter quilt just yet. Maybe 2013? LOL! :)

Janet O. said...

I always swore I wouldn't do a mystery quilt. I want to know I love a pattern before I put the effort into making it. So far I am standing strong. We'll see how long it lasts. : )